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Morling College and Vose Seminary are merging

Wednesday 4th November 2020 Ana Gusso

Sydney’s Morling College and Perth’s Vose Seminary are becoming one. The merger was unanimously approved at the Western Australia Baptist Churches Assembly on Saturday, 24th October. Morling College’s Principal Ross Clifford strongly believes that both colleges can achieve more as one. “I believe today is God’s day”, says Clifford in a video where he addresses the audience during the Assembly in W.A. “It is the Lord who has laid in the hearts of the leadership of Morling an Vose 7 years ago that we ought to explore how we do ministry together (…). We strongly believe that what is in front of us today is God’s desire for us. (…) It is really God’s time”. Pastor Karen Siggins, Chair of Baptist Churches Western Australia said the merger was a milestone in the life of the seminary. The transition to one College takes place from January 1 st 2021.

Here is what Principal Ross Clifford has to say about the impact this merger have for Morling students:

“It is our sincere belief that the merger will prove to be very beneficial for our present and future student body. Teaching and learning will continue at the Morling Campus in the same way as it always has. But students will also find that they have access to a wider range of units in all the disciplines we offer, and to a broader cohort of supervisors for those undertaking research projects or research degrees. Other benefits will include an enhanced library collection—especially eBooks, as well as access to the recently announced scholarship programme which is open to all Morling-Vose students. As well our teaching faculty is strengthened.

There will only be one College and one name, that being Morling College. The Perth Campus will be known as Vose Campus, Morling College. We believe God has led us this way and we are stronger together.

Please be in prayer for over the next few months as the transition to one College takes place from January 1 st 2021. There is much formal and legal work to be done. And please be in prayer for the Vose community, as understandably they face the greater change.

Below is the link to a letter that went out to all the Vose students, which will assist you in your prayers and also supplies more important detail, including the next steps, administrative changes and personnel changes.

Ross Clifford
Principal | Morling College" 

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