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Part-Time Lecturer in Practical and Pastoral Theology


The Lecturer is to be a part-time (0.5FTE) member of Morling College Faculty, accountable to the Principal and reporting directly to the Head of Bible and Theology.

(The position is advertised as 0.5FTE but the scope and size of the role are negotiable, depending on the availability and expertise of the applicant and the needs of the College).


The hours are fifty percent of what would normally be expected for a full time faculty load, including teaching, research and writing, general administration, public ministry, engagement with student body and involvement in the life of the College. It is expected that the Lecturer will be available to teach at the times required in the academic timetable.


The rate as agreed with Morling College Limited Board.



1. Teaching

  1. As determined by the College, normally within the fields of Pastoral and Church Focused Ministry (PC); Developmental Ministry (DM) and Evangelism and Missiology (EM), with a special emphasis on discipleship and leadership development.
  2. The number of teaching hours will vary from semester to semester, but the average total load of teaching and teaching-related activities (including face-to-face teaching, lecture preparation, creating and revising online learning resources, online teaching, marking assignments, serving as unit coordinator and mentor for adjunct lecturers, conducting mobile college and intensive courses, and HDR supervision duties) should be normally be approximately 440 hours per annum. Reductions to the standard load may be granted, case by case, to make provision for other duties.

2. Research and Writing

  1. All permanent academic staff are expected to be engaged in research activity relevant to their field of expertise, and permanent full-time academic staff are normally expected (as a minimum) to maintain research active status, to a level that satisfies the definitions of the Australian College of Theology and the University of Divinity.
  2. Provision for research and writing is made, in part, through the opportunity for members of the permanent academic staff to apply for study leave under the Professional Development Policy for Academic Staff. Permanent academic staff members are also expected to maintain an active involvement in research and writing during the intervening semesters, and are encouraged to organise their weekly schedule in a way that makes room for a student- and lecture-free day to allow for ongoing research and writing activity.

3. General Administration

  1. All faculty members are involved in academic administration, which may include duties such as course advising, dealing with student enquiries, and representation of the college on bodies such as committees of the Australian College of Theology, the University of Divinity and the NSW Baptist Association. Where such duties are unusually heavy, reductions to teaching load may be granted.

4. Public Ministry

  1. Faculty are expected to represent the College throughout the Baptist denomination and beyond, through deputation and other speaking engagements.

5. Engagement with Student Body

  1. The College operates on an “Open Door Policy” that encourages interaction between students and faculty.
  2. During the semester it is expected that faculty will share meals with students, principally at lunch. However, some night meals may also be appropriate, depending on teaching loads.
  3. Involvement in leading a Transformational Discipleship group.

6. Involvement in the Life of the College

  1. Attendance, where possible, at meetings of the staff team and the Bible and Theology department.
  2. Attendance at regular College events, e.g. Orientation, Graduation, Open Nights, Partnership Mission.
  3. Involvement in other College events that may be scheduled from time to time.

The total load of non-teaching and non-teaching-related responsibilities should normally be approximately 440 hours per annum.

It should be noted that, while detailed, this job description is not exhaustive and the Principal may, at his or her discretion, vary the responsibilities as required.

Applications including a CV and cover email addressing the selection criteria can be submitted by email to David Starling at, by 21 March 2019.


Qualifications Essential Desirable
Relevant postgraduate qualification and eligibility to enrol in a doctoral-level award in practical theology or a related discipline X  
Doctoral-level qualification in theology/ministry or a related discipline (completed, or close to completion)   X
Experience and Knowledge Essential Desirable
Substantial experience in Christian ministry/mission X  
Previous experience in tertiary-level teaching or provision of training and equipping within the fields of practical theology, spiritual formation and mentoring X  
Ministry and/or teaching experience within a multicultural context   X
Skills, Attributes and Qualities Essential Desirable
Demonstrated Christian character and active involvement in a local evangelical church X  
Agreement with the NSW Baptist Statement of Beliefs (with any reservations clearly stated and explained at interview) X  
Willingness to embrace a culture of shared evangelical conviction and gracious, respectful disagreement on other matters X  
Alignment of personal values, beliefs and practices with the mission and Christian ethos of the College X  
Pastoral and teaching aptitude X  
Organisational skills X  
Ability to work collaboratively within a team X  





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