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A new course, designed to help equip people for ministry, offered by Morling College, and hosted by Orange Baptist Church and Wagga Wagga Baptist Church.

The programme has been designed in conjunction with the Western Districts Baptist Association and Riverina Baptists for Christ, to give Christians in the Central West and the Riverina an opportunity to deepen their biblical understanding, as well as providing the tools necessary to strengthen their current and future ministries.

The course is made up of eight subjects, delivered in Orange and Wagga as blended intensive units, one subject per semester in each centre across a four-year period.

Subjects include:

  • Old Testament Foundations (OT001)
  • Old Testament Prophets and Writings (OT002)
  • Jesus and the Gospels (NT001)
  • Early New Testament Church (NT002)
  • Foundational Christian Beliefs (TH005)
  • Preaching (PC047)
  • Pastoral Skills and Methods (PC003)
  • One biblical exegesis unit

Classes will be taught face to face in Orange and Wagga Wagga by a visiting Morling College lecturer, as 3 or 4 day intensives. Some additional material and assignment work will be completed online before and/or after the intensive days.


Subjects can be taken for academic credit towards an ACT Award, or audited* (for personal learning). Participants who complete all eight subject units for academic credit will be eligible to graduate with a Diploma of Theology or a Graduate Certificate of Divinity from the Australian College of Theology, and can continue, if they wish, via on-campus or online study, to compete a full undergraduate or graduate degree through Morling College. 

*Students who have elected to complete a unit in Audit mode will not be able to gain academic credit for this unit later on, and would be required to complete the unit again (as an Academic Credit student) to gain academic credit.


Participants from out of town may, if they wish, request to be billeted in Christian homes in and around Orange and Wagga Wagga.


Morling College tuitiion fees for 2020 are:

$2100 per unit (if taken for academic credit) or 
$350 per unit (if taken as Audit units).

Government Fee-Help is available for units taken for Academic Credit by eligible students (Australian citizens and residents who hold a permanent humanitarian visa).

HOW TO ENROL (studying for Credit)

Existing ACT/Morling Students:

Enrol ONLINE here

New Students

Before enrolling in any of our units for credit, new students will need to complete the Student Application process. We strongly encourage you to contact us early, to discuss your study options and eligibility. Use one of the forms on this page to apply now as either a full-time or part-time student. 

HOW TO ENROL (Casual /Audit)

Casual enrolments are available for anyone who wishes to attend an intensive unit, but does not want to complete assessment tasks or gain credit towards an award. You can download the Casual Enrolment Form here.

For more information

Have questions about this program or how to enrol? Contact us and we'll be happy to help you get started. 




OT001-512 [undergraduate] / OT001-712 [graduate]: Old Testament Foundations
Dates of face-to-face intensive component: 15-17 April 2020
Lecturer: Anthony Petterson

This unit gives students an overview of the Pentateuch and historical books. This includes creation, the patriarchs in Israel's faith, Abrahamic and mosaic, conquest and settlement, the rise of the monarchy and the covenant with David,and concludes with Solomon and the division of the Kingdom. Particular emphasis is placed on familiarity with the contents of the Old Testament itself, which in many cases is read against its Ancient Near Eastern background.

Enrolment Due Date: 31 January 2020
Unit Start Date: 23 March 2020
Admin Date: 18 February 2020
Census Date: 16 April 2020
Withdrawal Date: 22 May 2020
Unit End Date: 30 June 2020

SEMESTER 2- 2020

PC003-612 / PC003-812: Pastoral Skills and Methods *
PC049-612 / PC049-812: Chaplaincy Skills 1 *

Dates of face-to-face intensive component: 30 Sep - 3 Oct 2020
Lecturer: Gayle Kent
*Modules for these units will be worked through individually, with content common to the two units being the focus of our intensive days. This will allow for active and collaborative learning, skills practice and putting knowledge into practice.

PC003-612 / PC003-812: Pastoral Skills and Methods 
This unit aims to equip students with skills and knowledge that will help them partner with God and others in the care of people. Integral to this unit is developing awareness of common and significant pastoral issues and growing in confidence to respond to the needs and life circumstances of people in a wide range of contexts. Students taking this unit will normally have completed a foundation level unit in Pastoral Care.

At the heart of this unit is our understanding that God calls us to partner with Him; inviting people to experience the love, grace, power and purpose found in Jesus Christ.

PC049-612 / PC049-812: Chaplaincy Skills 1
This unit seeks to introduce students to the basic perspectives and the competencies they will need to work effectively as chaplains. It focuses on chaplaincy skills and practices, especially in the areas of mental health, referrals and holistic care. The emphasis is on what chaplains are expected to know and be able to do in mental health management rather than on the biblical basis and theology of chaplaincy. Students taking this unit will normally have completed a foundation level unit in Pastoral Care.
This unit requires 20 hours of practical experience as part of the assessment criteria.

The content of this unit includes modules on mental health and making appropriate referrals that were originally created to meet the requirements of the National School Chaplaincy Program, which was at that time administered under the authority of the commonwealth government. Responsibility for delivery of the NSCP has since been transferred to participating state and territory governments. The NSW government currently offers the following advice regarding qualifications for NSCP-funded chaplains in NSW schools:

For acceptance into the role of school chaplain in NSW under the NSCP, the minimum qualification is a Certificate IV in Youth Work or Certificate IV in Pastoral Care (or equivalent). A person who holds a higher level qualification, such as a diploma or bachelor degree, in a relevant field of education may also be considered. A qualification must include competencies (or equivalent) in mental health and making appropriate referrals. Not all relevant qualifications involve the completion of ‘competencies’ (e.g. bachelor degrees). In these cases, a school should take into account any completed units/subjects relevant to the areas of ‘mental health’ and ‘making appropriate referrals’.

Enrolment Due Date: 3 July 2020
Unit Start Date: 20 July 2020
Admin Date: 31 July 2020
Census Date: 15 August 2020
Withdrawal Date: TBC 2020
Unit End Date: TBC 2020

COVID contingency
If you can’t attend the intensive, for COVID-19 related reasons we will endeavour to live stream as much as possible or provide video for main sessions. Please note: this is a contingency plan only, and will not be high quality streaming or recording, so only students who genuinely intend to attend in-person should enrol in this intensive.



No units are scheduled for delivery in Semester 2 at Wagga Wagga.
Please contact us for any enquiries, or for further information.