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Doctor of Philosophy (ACT)

Course Description

The Doctor of Philosophy (AQF level 10 Doctoral Research) course is designed for candidates who have a prior degree in theology or in a field other than theology.

The degree is designed to allow candidates whose academic background is in fields other than traditionally related to theology to pursue research in their primary field of research and integrate their research with knowledge from various Christian traditional theological disciplines.

The degree will equip men and women as beginning researchers in a broad range of fields of study related to the humanities and social sciences and provide a qualification recognised by theological and Bible colleges as well as universities for those who teach in these fields.

Entry Requirements

This degree is open to those who hold an excellent qualification at AQF level 8 or 9 or above in Ministry or Theology which includes a significant piece of research (such as the ACT’s Bachelor of Theology or Ministry with first class honours, Masters of Divinity or Masters of Ministry or Master of Arts in Christian Studies or Master of Arts in Ministry or Theology with a GPA of 3.0 or better and a project of at least 12,000 words). Consideration will also be given to other factors such as practical experience, maturity and motivation, and the likelihood of satisfactory completion of the academic requirements of the Course. Demonstrated knowledge of biblical or other languages will generally be required. For full details of entry requirements, see the Australian College of Theology website.

Course Duration

3 years full-time (up to 6 years part-time).


80-100,000 word thesis, excluding bibliography

This is a course of the Australian College of Theology.

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