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IMPACT (Kids or Youth Ministry Certificate)

Want to impact the lives of the young people in your church?
Or equip yourself further for ministry in this area?

“Impact” is a one year course designed to help equip you for ministry with children or teenagers, by exploring different approaches to ministry, Australian culture, healthy personal practices and effective programming. You will also get connected with practitioners from across NSW and ACT.

Impact builds on your involvement with your local church, by helping to build good theory upon which to develop your approach, through engaging with guided readings, and a network of practitioners you can learn from.

Study Options

IMPACT can be included as a subject taken for academic credit (DM016 - Children's Mnistry or DM017 - Youth Ministry) as part of a diploma or degree through Morling College, or can be taken as a stand-alone experience.

Who is this for?

Impact is ideal for youth or children’s pastors, student pastors, interns and key volunteers who serve in these aspects of church life. The course fee does not include attndence at the Connect Day, Leaders Retreat or BYM State Conference. These registrations are made directly with the Baptist Association of Churches.

Course Outcomes

This is a certificate-level course, which is done part-time for a year and can be credited toward a unit in one of our degrees if you wish to pursue further study at Morling. You do not need any prior experience or training to qualify for this course (other than the normal entry requirements for a diploma or degree, if that option is selected).


For students wanting to complete IMPACT for credit towards a diploma or degree, the cost is the standard per-unit fee for a single subject at Morling.

For students wanting to complete IMPACT as a stand-alone experience (not for credit), the course cost is $320 per person. This does not include the cost of attending the Connect Day, Leaders Retreat, or BYM State Conference registration for these are conducted through the Baptist Association of Churches (Students who choose this option should be aware that this cannot later be credited towards a diploma or degree.)

Next Starting date: February 2021

Kid's Ministry Program & Study Areas:

2020 Program

  1. Wednesday, 4 March 2020 - Lectures at Morling (10am - 4pm)
  2. Thursday, 21 May 2020 - Lectures at Morling (10am - 4pm)
  3. Wednesday, 26 August 2020 - Lectures at Morling (10am - 4pm)
  4. Attend Children & Family Ministries Connect Day (March) and Leaders Retreat (August)

Study Areas

  • Children in the Bible and Christian thought
  • Faith development and discipleship
  • Ministry with children within families and the faith community
  • Effective programming
Youth Ministry Program & Study Areas:

2020 Program

  1. Wednesday, 4 March 2020 - Lectures at Morling (10am - 4pm)
  2. Thursday, 21 May 2020 - Lectures at Morling (10am - 4pm)
  3. Wednesday, 26 August 2020 - Lectures at Morling (10am - 4pm)
  4. Attend BYM State Conference

Study Areas

  • Theology and Models of Ministry
  • Understanding this generation
  • Healthy leadership practices
  • Effective programming and events
Practical Field Component
  • Coaching
  • Youth or Kid's Ministry Field placement / Internship in a church 



Existing ACT/Morling Students and Cross-Institutional Students:

Complete the normal Enrolment Form (on Moodle) and return to the Registrar's Department ( IMPACT is considered as one unit towards your award.

The unit code for IMPACT is PC094.

Cross-Institutional Students: Please ensure you list your sponsoring College in section 3. This is the College you are completing your award with.

New Students

New students can either apply for IMPACT as a standalone certificate, or can enrol in IMPACT as a part of a wider course.

To enrol in IMPACT as a standalone certificate, complete the Casual Enrolment Form for Theology.

The unit code for IMPACT is DM016 - Children's Ministry or DM017 - Youth Ministry.

If you wish to enrol in IMPACT for future academic credit but not as part of an existing award, but would like to leave open the possibility of having it credited to a relevant award (within 10 years), please ensure you select the IMPACT unit code at the appropriate level and label your course as Non-Award.

To enrol in IMPACT as part of a degree or diploma, you will need to first complete the Student Application process. You will then enrol in IMPACT as part of your course. We strongly encourage you to contact us, to discuss your study options and eligibility. Use one of the forms on this page to apply now, as either a full-time or part-time student.

For more information:

Have questions about Impact? Contact us and we'll be happy to help you get stated.