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Master of Arts (Christian Studies)

Christianity is a world-affirming and transforming faith. But too little has been done to equip Christians to engage the world outside of the church, and to bring their faith to their work and everyday life. This course aims to remedy that. If you find yourself wondering how the Bible related to your work, or how to integrate what you do in Church on Sundays with your Monday to Saturday world, then you should consider doing the MA(CS). Your studies will have two discrete phases: in the first, you will gain a basic orientation to theological disciplines; in the second, you will engage in a more in-depth study of particular areas, including bringing your theology and professional knowledge into conversation.

Course Description

This degree, designed to be undertaken in two phases, provides graduate students (from non-theological degrees) with a coherent program of general theological study that will enable them to apply a Christian perspective to all aspects of their life, including their profession and vocation. It is designed to integrate theological reflection with the particular occupational and/or general interests of the student. Students are required to complete a project that combines an area of theological study with their vocation. Although the degree is not primarily intended for those engaged in full-time professional ministry, we are well aware that some students, having completed either the Bachelor of Theology, Bachelor of Ministry, Associate Degree of Theology, Bachelor of Christian studies or Advanced Diplomas of the ACT, may have a special interest in the Master of Arts (Christian studies) degree.

The course will focus on disciplines across Bible and Languages (BB, LA, OT, NT), and Christian Thought and History (TH, CH, PE), whilst providing an approach to synthesise this understanding with particular occupational and/or life interests in 'integrated studies' (IN). 

Entry Requirements

This degree is open to those who have graduated with or qualified for (at least) a bachelor degree or equivalent qualification in a non-theological discipline from an Australian university or other approved higher education provider, or who have successfully completed a course of study which is deemed equivalent.

Course Outcomes

This course equips graduates with the theological and other understandings and skills needed to apply a Christian perspective and commitment to their life in the world, including their professional and vocational life, and is designed to integrate theological reflection with the particular occupational and/or general interests of students.

Career Options

Graduates of this course will normally continue with their chosen secular profession, but will have the understandings and skills to integrate these with their Christian perspective and commitment. Historically, graduates from the management, business, legal, education, health and aged-care professions have been among these particularly attracted to this course.

Credit Points

64 credit points at 500/600/700-level.

Course Duration

2 years full-time (up to 8 years part-time).

Study Modes

Units are available both on-campus and online.

Course Structure

BB/OT/NT 500-level Bible 8
CH/TH 500-level   4
BB/OT/NT/CH/TH 500-level   4
TH/PE 500- or 600-level Theology 8
600-level Elective 4
IN650* Project 4
IN (700-level) Intergrative Studies 6
700-level Electives 18
IN791* Project 8

* The IN650 project in Phase 1 may be deferred if the student wishes to take IN792 (12 credit point project) at the end of the Master of Arts (Christian Studies) program, or replaced with another 600 level 4cp unit (but students then would not then be eligible to graduate with the Graduate Diploma of Christian Studies without IN650).

Students must complete 32cps of units at 500/600 level, followed by 32cps at units at 700 level. 

This is a course of the Australian College of Theology.        

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