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Master of Divinity

Course Description

The Master of Divinity gives students a deeper understanding of the discipline of theology, as well as the skills with which to communicate Christian knowledge effectively. It also provides the groundwork for advanced degrees in theology and ministry.

The course will focus on disciplines across Bible and Languages (BB, LA, OT, NT), Christian Thought and History (TH, CH, PE), as well as units by which the knowledge of God is applied to the three areas of the field Ministry and Practice: Evangelism and Mission (EM), Pastoral and Church Focused Ministry (PC) and Developmental Ministry (DM). 

Entry Requirements

This degree is open to those who have graduated with or qualified for (at least) a bachelor degree or equivalent qualification in a non-theological discipline from an Australian university or other approved higher education provider, or who have successfully completed a course of study which is deemed equivalent.

Course Outcomes

The Master of Divinity introduces students, in a systematic manner, to the classical discipline of theology, as a means of both preparing men and women for communicating Christian knowledge as well as laying the foundation for advanced degrees in theology and ministry.

Career Options

The Master of Divinity has been devised to train men and women for ministry in areas of pastoral practice. Morling is the accrediting college for Baptist ministers in NSW and ACT, and the Master of Divinity is recommended for those who wish to become an accredited Baptist Pastor.

Credit Points

96 credit points at 500/600-level.

Course Duration

3 years full-time (The maximum candidature is 9 years part-time).

Study Modes

Units are available both on-campus and online.

Course Structure

LA004a & LA004b, LA003a* and LA003b* Language 8
OT501 and OT502 Old Testament 8
NT501 and NT501 New Testament 8
CH501 and CH501 Church History 8
OT/NT Old Testament and New Testament Exegesis (at least 8cps in original language) 16
CH, PE, TH including at least 12 cps in Theology at 600 level Christian Thought 16
EM, PC, DM Ministry and Practice 8
  Electives 24

*Not offered online as part of the above units (in the elective section or otherwise).

All students must complete:

  • **690 8 credit point (8,000 word) project in any unit field *; or
  • **795 8 credit point (14,000 word) project in any unit field *; or
  • **796 12 credit point (16,000 word) project in any unit field *; or
  • a 4 cps capstone experience unit

This is a course of the Australian College of Theology.        

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