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Master Of Teaching (Secondary)

Course Description

The course is written from a Christian worldview and each unit is designed to challenge and transform your thinking and practice. The degree is an accredited, secondary (high school) teacher education course. It is listed on the NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA), formerly Board of Studies, Teaching and Educational Standards (BOSTES) website as an accredited initial teacher education program under the name of Morling College.

The Master of Teaching is a two-year full time course. It is offered online. A one-day Orientation is normally run for students prior to the commencement of the course. Child Protection Training and information regarding Anaphylaxis training, and Work, Health and Safety, which relate to the professional experiences are provided during this Orientation. As part of the course students undertake 3 x 20 days (in total 60 days) of Professional Experience in two or three different schools. All students enrolled in the Master of Teaching (Secondary) are required to take and pass the Literacy And Numeracy Tests Initial Teacher Education (LANTITE) tests in literacy and numeracy prior to their final professional experience.

Teaching Areas offered are:

  • English
  • Studies of Religion
  • Society and Culture
  • Mathematics
  • History
  • Business Studies
  • Legal Studies

On successful completion of the course, candidates can be registered with the NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) to teach in public or private secondary schools in NSW (and wherever its standards are accepted in Australia and around the world).

Graduate Attributes and Course Learning Outcomes

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Entry Requirements
  • Applicants must have two specialist discipline areas that come from either having successfully completed an appropriate undergraduate Bachelor degree and/or postgraduate degree.
  • Applicants whose first language is not English must demonstrate proficiency in spoken and written English adequate to undertake the course. This would normally be equivalent to a minimum of IELTS score of 8.0 with a minimum of 7.5 in any band.
  • Applicants must provide evidence of at least Band 4 English at the Higher School Certificate or equivalent and Band 4 in General Mathematics at the Higher School Certificate or equivalent.
  • Where applicants don't have a minimum of Band 4 for English and/or Mathematics they must satisfactorily complete a numeracy and literacy test before they are admitted into the program.
  • Prior to acceptance into the course a candidate in NSW should be willing to undergo a police criminal record check and will complete a Working with Children Check that will be verified by the College. Candidates from other States must submit a current Working with Children card. Applicants must be willing to complete mandatory child protection training and anaphylaxis training prior to commencing any contact with or work in schools.
  • Applicants are expected to possess a basic level of Information and Communication Technology competency. At the absolute minimum, this includes the ability to use Word, Excel and PowerPoint, and the ability to send and receive email communications. Students will be taught how to access and participate on line tutorials, be encouraged to present work using multimedia formats, and access a range of online resources.
  • A GPA with a minimum of a credit average or over is required.
Course Duration

2 years.

Study Modes

This course is delivered fully online.

Reportable Data

2015 Cohort: Attrition Rate 25% Progression Rate 75%

Course Type

Graduate - Initial Teacher Education

Course Area

Education Courses

Registered Provider

Morling College


Master of Teaching (Secondary)

Core Units EDMT501 Basics for Teachers 4
EDMT502 School and Its Community 4
EDMT503 Pastoral Care and Classroom Management 4
EDMT504 Student Diversity in Education 4
EDMT505 Psychology for Teachers of Adolescents 4
EDMT506 Special Education 4
EDMT507 The Professional Practitioner 4
Practical Units EDMT511 Professional Experience 1 (20 days) 4
EDMT512 Professional Experience 2 (20 days) 4
EDMT513 Professional Experience 3 (20 days) 4
Teaching Areas EDMT521 English Method 1 4
EDMT522 English Method 2 4
EDMT523 Mathematics Method 1 4
EDMT524 Mathematics Method 2 4
EDMT525 Studies of Religion Method 1 4
EDMT526 Studies of Religion Method 2 4
EDMT527 History Method 1 4
EDMT528 History Method 2 (Ancient) 4
EDMT529 History Method 2 (Modern) 4
EDMT530 Human Society & Its Environment Method 1 4
EDMT531 Society and Culture Method 2 4
EDMT532 Business Studies Method 2 4
EDMT533 Social Sciences Method 1 4
EDMT534 Legal Studies Method 2 4
Capstone Unit EDMT540 Education Research Project 8

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