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Youth Ministry: Short Online Units

We know that youth leaders are busy people! Training is important, but it can be hard to commit to a full-size, semester-long unit. That’s why we will be offer short, online units of study in the following areas:

DE039 Discipleship of Young People in a Congregational Setting

You may have heard it said “Young People are the future of the church” but what does this actually mean? And how does it impact the way we go about discipling the next generation?

This unit explores and critiques different modes that young people are involved in the life of a local faith communities, as well as possibilities for enhancing discipleship content and delivery.

DE040 Identifying and Developing Leaders

Leadership is significant aspect of any ministry context but how do we ensure we are both biblically informed and culturally aware of the associated risks and opportunities?

This unit explores keys for identifying and developing young leaders to be faithful and effective in the ministry God has called them into.

DE043 Empowering Families

Sometime youth ministries can find themselves operating in isolation from, or in competition with the values and desires of families.

In this unit we will explore ways of supporting families in their nurture and formation of young people as followers of Jesus.

DE044 Understanding Youth Culture

Young people are living in a world that seeks to overtly inform and influence their values, ideas, and perspectives. They are invited and encouraged to participate, express, consume, and create but this has both risk and reward.

In this unit we will explore ways of helping young people to both understand and critique the world around them, as well as find ways to join in with God’s good plans and purposes for His creation.

Each unit is worth 3 credit points (rather than the usual 12 for a one-semester unit), and involves the equivalent of 1000-1750 words of assessment, depending on the level of study. Each unit can be taken as part of an undergraduate or postgraduate course of the Australian College of Theology (ACT). Alternatively, each unit can be taken in Single Unit Study Mode (and credited to an ACT course later, if you want); for information about this, see section 5.9 of the Coursework Course Enrolment Policy.

You might also like to know that Baptist Youth Ministries regularly run a series of practical training days which align with the topics covered in these online units. If you would like to attend a training day in addition to this unit, see the Impact website. There is no cost for the training day for Morling students who are enrolled in these units.

There is no expectation for students enrolled in the ACT online units to attend the training day, and there is no disadvantage if they do not attend.