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International Association for Mission Studies (IAMS) - 2020 Conference

9 July 2020

Morling College is proud to be hosting the the next global IAMS conference in July! 

Powers, Inequalities, and Vulnerabilities:
Mission in a Wounded World

Sydney, July 9-14, 2020

The International Association for Mission Studies (IAMS) will convene for its 15th Assembly in Sydney, Australia, from July 9 to July 14, 2020. Occurring for the first time in Oceania, the IAMS Assembly will be hosted by the Australian Association for Mission Studies, and the meeting will take place at Morling College.

In determining the chosen theme, “Powers, Inequalities, and Vulnerabilities: Mission in a Wounded World,” the Executive Committee of IAMS is seeking to name and explore our perception that missionary activity is now and has always been undertaken in a world constituted by wounds in many forms. They want to consider this mission—past, present, and future—mindful of the wounds the world and its peoples face, wounds to which Christian mission has sought to respond and which it has at times helped create. To that end, they would like the assembly to consider Christian mission as addressing powers, inequalities, and vulnerabilities from a variety of perspectives across the spectrum of mission studies.

At the 15th Assembly of IAMS, we want to offer new perspectives on Christian mission as mission in the context of a wounded world. Pressing global and regional concerns reflect such wounds, including those linked to the forced dislocations of populations, discrimination toward migrants, increasing economic inequality, rising nationalisms, and climate change. New perspectives on such issues linked to mission and reflective of a world shaped by power, inequality, and vulnerability might draw from theological or from any other disciplinary perspectives, mindful of the broad nature of mission studies today.

See the Mission Studies website for more details.

LOCATION: Morling College


DATE: 09-07-2020




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