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15-17 July | Working in the Presence of God Conference

15 July 2021

You are invited to join us for the biennial Transforming Vocation Conference, Working in the Presence of God.

This conference will provide an opportunity for participants to engage at the highest level in theological and practical reflection on the nature of work, the changing cultural and economic landscape in which we now operate as workers, and how churches and their leaders can more effectively equip their members to think well and live faithfully as workplace Christians.

The Transforming Vocation Conference: Working in the Presence of God will consider the issues around how Christian faith intersects with everyday work. It will bring together theologians, Christians in the workplace and church leaders to both receive teaching, and to join in conversation.

The theme of the conference is Working in the Presence of God, based on the book by the main speakers, Denise Daniels and Shannon Vandewarker. They will lead participants to ponder how spiritual practices can enhance our ordinary working, as well as addressing the biblical background, and opportunities for churches when considering how to work in the presence of God.

There will be panels of workers, church leaders and theologians, and also ten research papers presented at the conference canvassing issues as diverse as vocation, biblical concepts for working in the presence of God and the universal basic income.

The conference will be held at Morling College in Sydney, as well as hubs in Melbourne and Brisbane, and online.


  • Early Bird Registration until 11th June 2021 - $120.00
  • Standard Registration (from 12th June) - $150.00
  • Student Registration (including PhD) - $100.00
  • 2 Day Registration - $130.00
  • 1 Day Registration - $70.00
  • Speaker - $75.00


Denise Daniels

Denise Daniels is the Hudson T. Harrison Professor of Entrepreneurship at Wheaton College. For more than two decades, Denise has studied the connections between Christian faith and meaningful work. Her research has particularly focused on entrepreneurship and innovation, the sabbath, leadership development, gender, and motivation. Denise is the co-author of Working in the Presence of God: Spiritual Practices for Everyday Work and the producer of the documentary film and course series Faith & Co. which are designed to help Christians find deeper connections between their faith and their work. Denise's research is currently supported by an AU$2.1M grant from the Lilly Foundation to study how Christians understand and apply their faith in the workplace. This project examines perceptions of vocation and calling, conflict between faith and work, and experiences of faith discrimination at work.

Shannon Vandewarker, co-speaker

Shannon Vandewarker is passionate about helping people find God in their everyday lives. This passion was fueled during her years of study as she earned her BA in Biblical Studies from Azusa Pacific University and a Master of Divinity from Bethel Seminary. As the Program Coordinator for Fuller Seminary’s Cascade Fellows Program, Shannon helped curate curriculum for teaching the theology of work to those without a theological background, as well as practical exercises designed to help disciples explore the integration of a person’s ordinary working life with their discipleship. In this position, she worked with professionals in many fields, helping them create a vision for whole life discipleship and living out their faith at work. Shannon writes on the theology of an ordinary life on her blog. Shannon lives in San Diego, CA with her two young sons, daughter and husband, Dan who is a pastor. She is the co-author with Denise Daniels of Working in the Presence of God: Spiritual Practices for Everyday Work.




LOCATION: Morling College

PRESENTER: Denise Daniels

DATE: 15-07-2021