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Online Forum - Bioethics

3 April 2020

Join Morling lecturer and Christian Bioethics expert Rev Dr Andrew Sloane in this online forum covering a wide range of issues related to medical science and bioethics, to help equip you to respond to real-world issues and future possibilities from a Christian perspective. Explore questions about the beginning and end of life, recent changes in abortion laws and emerging technologies like genetic engineering and embryo selection.  

The forum is part of the Blended Intensive Bioethics Unit which is part of our regular offerings. In Semester 2 (July-Nov) this year, Andrew will be teaching Using the OT in Christian Ethics unit.

Friday, 3 April 2020
10.00am - 12pm (AEST)

Registration for the online forum is free and open to the public. A link to the live-streaming of this forum will be emailed to all who register below. 

Why Bioethics matter

Hear from Andrew how bioethics can help you whether you're confronted with issues while caring for yourself or others that you love.

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Speaker: Rev Dr. Andrew Sloane

Andrew was appointed Lecturer in Old Testament and Christian Thought in 2002. He teaches in numerous disciplines, including Integration of Faith and Work, OT Exegesis (Genesis, Deuteronomy, 1&2 Samuel, Ezekiel, Psalms), OT Interpretation, Philosophy of Religion, and Bioethics. Andrew qualified in medicine and practiced briefly as a doctor before going into Baptist Ministry. Prior to moving to Morling, he taught at Ridley College in Melbourne (1996–2002). He has published in Old Testament, Hermeneutics, Ethics, Philosophy, and Theology.

Using the OT in Christian Ethics unit

(Unit code: PE023-7/8/9)

The Old Testament is a problem for many Christians. Some find it puzzling, or even offensive; others seem to glibly misuse it for their own ends. There are few resources aimed at enabling ordinary Christians to understand the O.T. and use it in their lives as followers of Jesus. In this book At Home in a Strange Land: Using the Old Testament in Christian Ethics, Andrew Sloane seeks to address this need. He outlines some of the problems that ordinary Christians face in reading the Old Testament as part of Christian Scripture and provides a framework for interpreting the Old Testament and using it in Christian ethics. He identifies some of the key biblical texts of both the Old Testament and the New Testament that both inform Christian ethics and challenge us to live as God’s people. Using the paradigm of learning to travel in unfamiliar places, Sloane seeks to equip the reader with tools for understanding many of the puzzling and difficult passages found in the Old Testament. In sum, the book aims to “rehabilitate” the Old Testament for ordinary, even skeptical, twenty-first century Christians. While many of the issues have been covered elsewhere, there is very little that seeks to bring together questions of interpretation and “ethical application” in one book aimed at lay people. The book would also be valuable in a college course on Christian ethics.

Are you keen to study this unit in Semester 2 (July-Nov 2020) and gain credit towards an undergraduate degree in Bible and Theology?

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Bioethics unit

(Unit code: PE019/IN003)

Morling's ACT-accredited Bioethics unit covers the following content:

  1. The nature and development of bioethics as a discipline, including its religious roots and secular manifestations.
  2. Philosophical and scientific issues that pertain to bioethical issues, including topics such as: the nature and status of human persons; the nature and status of the human embryo; the nature of science and technology; the nature of health and healing.
  3. Biblical and theological issues in bioethics including such topics as: the image of God and the theology of human persons; the status of the human embryo; the nature of science and technology in the context of human dominion; health and healing from a Christian perspective.
  4. Ethical theories and their implications for bioethics; developing a Christian theory of (bio)ethics in dialogue with alternative points of view.
  5. The analysis of a selection of issues in bioethics from a Christian point of view, including a selection of the following topics:
    • Genetics, including: genetic screening, genetic engineering and the Human Genome Project; Transgenics;
    • Human cloning, Stem cell research;
    • Reproductive technologies including: IVF; eugenics and ‘designer babies’;
    • Experimental medical interventions including: multiple organ transplantation; xenotransplantation;
    • Abortion, euthanasia and infanticide.

Are you keen to apply to study this unit in Semester 1 (Feb-July 2020) and gain credit towards an undergraduate degree in Bible and Theology?

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LOCATION: This event will be live-streamed from Morling College located at 5 Saunders Close, MACQUARIE PARK NSW 2113.

PRESENTER: Rev Dr Andrew Sloane

DATE: 03-04-2020




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