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Gender Dysphoria - Morling Forum

13 September 2022

Gender Dysphoria.


Gender, gender identity, and gender dysphoria raise important questions that Christians need to carefully consider and respond to with wisdom and faithfulness. What is the relationship between sex and gender? How do we understand those terms? How do these complex questions relate to what it means to flourish as people in communities? What light do the Christian Scriptures and Christian theology and ethics shed on those questions? How can we as people of faith and as faith communities respond well to those who struggle with these issues—especially when their experience is one of distress?


Patricia Weerakoon and Andrew Sloane will address these, and other questions. Their aim is to engage with the current scientific evidence, carefully interpret the Bible, and reflect theologically on the issues. They will also seek to deal with the challenges Churches face in being truly welcoming, and not affirming (and for that welcome to be experienced, as much as this is possible).


This event will be hosted at Erina Community Baptist Church - we will provide supper for those joining us in person and are looking forward to having you join us there! This is a public event and so we welcome those interested in the discussion.


  Rev. Dr. Dr. Andrew Sloane

 Andrew was appointed Lecturer in Old Testament and Christian Thought in 2002. He teaches in the areas of  integration of faith and work, OT exegesis (Genesis, Deuteronomy, 1&2 Samuel, Ezekiel, Psalms), OT  interpretation, philosophy of religion and bioethics. Andrew qualified in medicine and practiced briefly as a  doctor before going into Baptist ministry.

 Prior to moving to Morling, he taught at Ridley College in Melbourne (1996–2002). He has published in Old  Testament and hermeneutics, ethics, philosophy, and theology.



  Dr. Patricia Weerakoon

 Patricia is a sexologist, sex educator and a writer. She trained in medicine in Sri Lanka and did  postgraduate studies in sexology at the University of Hawaii. She has followed her passion to educate people of all ages on good holistic sexual health by speaking and writing in the area from a Christ focussed biblical  framework.

 If you'd like to learn more about Patricia and her work you can find that on her website.



LOCATION: Erina Community Baptist Church

PRESENTER: Dr. Patricia Weerakoon and Rev. Dr. Andrew Sloane

DATE: 13th September 2022