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23rd Annual Tinsley Lecture 2022 | Micro Churches

9 May 2022

Micro Churches: Remembering the Past to Shape the Future with Bree Mills

Micro churches, missional communities, and house churches are on the rise in Australia. As Australians seek authenticity and connection these more innovative forms of church seem to connect well, but, are they new? Isn't that the way the early church lived? Many movements have been born from small communities seeking to be conformed to Christ and love their neighbours, but where are they today? Will this movement in Australia last, or is it just the latest fad in church growth?

Bree Mills believes micro churches are going to increasingly become a part of the Australian church landscape. Micro churches are adaptable, lightweight, and lay-led communities that live out their missional identity in a particular network or neighbourhood. If we are willing to learn from biblical and historical examples, Bree suggests that micro churches can co-exist with existing churches, working in partnership to reach all the nooks and crannies of Australian society.

About the Speaker:

Bree is an ordained Anglican minister, director of Micro Churches Australia, and doctoral student in the area of Missional Leadership, focusing on innovative leadership in the Australian context. Until the end of 2020, she was Senior Associate Minister at Glen Waverley Anglican Church in Melbourne where she pioneered a network of missional communities alongside a contemporary Anglican Church. Now, along with her husband and kids, they are part of a new micro church network church plant in Melbourne and help lead a community called The Village. Bree has completed a Masters of Missional Leadership, focusing on missional culture change in existing churches. Bree is passionate about spiritual formation, catalyzing change, raising leaders, and contextualized mission. She loves to read, wakeboard, and go for long walks in new places, preferably near the ocean!

Please note this is an on-campus only event.

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LOCATION: Morling College Sydney Campus


DATE: 9th May 2022

TIME: 7pm Start