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The Baptist Theological College of NSW has operated since 1916 as part of the Baptist Union of NSW.

Since November 2006, this service continued under the organisation Morling College Limited, which was incorporated as a Company Limited by Guarantee with the Baptist Union of NSW/ACT as its sole subscribing member.

It is registered with, and accountable to the ACNC as a charity advancing religion and education.

Morling College Board Members

Morling College Leadership Team Members

  • Regulatory status

    Morling College Ltd (also trading as Morling College and Morling Education) is an Institute of Higher Education, accredited by TEQSA to offer the following courses:

    • Graduate Certificate of Professional Supervision (AQF 8)    
    • Master of Chaplaincy and Spiritual Care (AQF 9)    
    • Graduate Diploma of Chaplaincy and Spiritual Care (AQF 8)
    • Graduate Certificate of Chaplaincy and Spiritual Care (AQF 8)
    • Master of Education (AQF 9)
    • Master of Education (Leadership) (AQF 9)
    • Graduate Diploma of Education (AQF 8)
    • Master of Counselling (AQF 9)
    • Graduate Diploma of Counselling (AQF 8)
    • Graduate Certificate of Counselling (AQF 8)

    Morling College (CRICOS Provider Code 03265F) is the registered CRICOS provider of the following postgraduate courses in Counselling:

    • Graduate Certificate in Counselling (CRICOS Course Code: 073708D)
    • Graduate Diploma of Counselling (CRICOS Course Code: 073709C)
    • Master of Counselling (CRICOS Course Code: 073710K)
  • Course information

    Information about the accreditation status of each of these courses can be found on this page of the TEQSA register. Information about course duration and recognition by relevant professional bodies can be found on the Professional Supervision, Chaplaincy and Spiritual Care, Education and Counselling pages of the Morling College website. Information about the policies on credit and recognition of prior learning that apply to each of these courses of study can be found in Morling College’s Advanced Standing and Recognition of Prior Learning Policy: Education, Counselling, Chaplaincy and Spiritual Care, available on the policies page of the Morling College website.  


    Courses of the Australian College of Theology (CRICOS 02650E) offered by Morling College    Indicative Estimated Annual   
    Enrolments (2022 EFTSL)
    Advanced Diploma of Ministry 3
    Advanced Diploma of Theology 1
    Associate Degree of Ministry 2.40625
    Associate Degree of Theology 0.25
    Bachelor of Christian Studies 2.5
    Bachelor of Divinity 0.25
    Bachelor of Ministry 26.75
    Bachelor of Ministry (Honours) 0.125
    Bachelor of Theology 20.09375
    Bachelor of Theology/Bachelor of Ministry 1.625
    Bachelor of Theology (Honours) 1.875
    Certificate of Theology (non-AQF award) 4.125
    Diploma of Ministry 7.8125
    Diploma of Theology 3.625
    Graduate Certificate of Divinity 5.125
    Graduate Certificate of Professional Pastoral Supervision 3
    Graduate Diploma of Divinity 13.875
    Master of Divinity 17.25
    Master of Divinity/Graduate Diploma of Divinity 0.625
    Master of Ministry 8.90625
    Master of Missional Leadership 0.5
    Master of Theology 0.5
    Master of Theological Studies 21.3125
    Doctor of Philosophy 3.25
    Undergraduate Certificate of Ministry 1.25
    Undergraduate Certificate of Theology 1.3125
    Total 152.96875
    Course of Study offered by Morling College as Higher Education Provider   Indicative Estimated Annual   
    Enrolments (2022 EFTSL)
    Graduate Certificate of Chaplaincy & Spiritual Care 3
    Graduate Certificate of Counselling 4.375
    Graduate Certificate of Professional Supervision 3.125
    Graduate Diploma of Chaplaincy & Spiritual Care 4.375
    Graduate Diploma of Counselling 7.375
    Master of Chaplaincy & Spiritual Care 2.75
    Master of Counselling 21.25
    Master of Education 1.875
    Master of Education (Leadership) 9.875
    Non-Award 0.875
    Total 58.875
  • Australian College of Theology Courses

    Morling College is also an affiliated college of the Australian College of Theology [ACT]. Morling College is approved to deliver the ACT courses listed on this page

    Morling College is approved to deliver to overseas students the courses of the Australian College of Theology (CRICOS 02650E) that are listed on this page.

  • Campuses, Facilities, Learning Resources and Services

    More information can be found on the following pages:

  • How to Lodge a Complaint or Report Improper Conduct

    If you are a resident at Morling Residential College or a student enrolled in a course offered by our Education or Counselling, Chaplaincy & Spiritual Care faculty, please see the Grievance Policy: Education; Counselling, Chaplaincy and Spiritual Care & Morling Residential and Grievance Procedure: Education; Counselling, Chaplaincy and Spiritual Care & Morling Residential.

    If you are a student enrolled in an Australian College of Theology (ACT) course delivered by our Bible and Theology faculty, please see the ACT's Grievance Resolution Policy - Students.

    If you are a person internal or external to Morling College who has a grievance against a Morling employee or volunteer, which does not fall within the scope of the student grievance policies referred above, please see our Staff Grievance Policy and Staff Grievance Procedure.

    If you wish to report improper conduct that has occurred in connection with Morling, please see our Whistleblower Policy and Procedure.