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It Only Takes a Spark


Author: Bob Frisken

Published: 2011

ISBN: 0980642162


    Bob Frisken, President of New Hope International Limited writes the story of how in 1974 he and Peter Hester commenced a journey which saw the beginning of the movement which became known as Christian Community Schools. These men were typical of the many people who caught the vision for Christian Schooling in Australia, and whom God used to create the spark that lit the fire that led to the amazing growth of Christian Community Schools and later Christian Schools Australia and New Hope International Limited. This idea became a movement that saw small schools popping up in Churches and halls; in cities and small country towns; from Sydney to Perth and from Hobart to Cairns. These Christian Community Schools were pioneered by Christian parents, Pastors and teachers who were tired of the secular–humanistic worldview of their local schools. They wanted their children to be nurtured and trained by Christian teachers in a Christian learning community where all that was studied recognised the Lordship of Jesus. This story records the names of the wonderful people such as Bob Frisken, his late wife Maryanne, Peter and Lynette Hester; and David Magill as well as the numerous staff members of CCSL and the early Christian Community Schools. It also chronicles the names of the schools which were caught up in the movement and began to fan the flames into a fire which would burn into the lives and memories of thousands of people, bringing light into education and into the hearts of students from those early pioneer days until the present.


    Weight: 890 g
    Dimensions: 22 x 15 x 1.5 cm
    Publisher: Morling Press
    Date of Publication: 2011
    SKU: 0980642162
    ISBN: 0980642162