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At Morling, our mission is to equip men and women with the knowledge that they need to serve God in many different roles: pastoral ministry, in the work place, Christian education, missions work, counselling, and chaplaincy. We also recognise that it is often difficult to stop working in order to pursue further study.  In order to accommodate students who cannot attend weekly lectures, Morling has established a study program across the summer and winter breaks, and Intensive Study Units.

Summer School Online Semester 1 Intensives Year Long Semi-Intensives


Intensives are designed to deliver the face-to-face teaching, necessary for skills development, in a short period of time, while utilising online learning for the remainder of the course material. Normally, intensive units will include online learning components designed to be completed prior to the face-to-face intensive days, so please take note of the start date for each intensive. There are three different types of intensives:

  • Intensives - Intensives are units which are on-campus with face-to-face delivery with an online coponent (often pre-reading prior to the on-campus days)
  • Blended Intensives - Blended Intensives are units with a mixture of both online and on-campus learning. E.g. Some course content modules are to be completed before and/or after the 2-3 days of on-campus delivery.
  • Semi-Intensives - Semi-Intensives are units which normally have 5 on-campus days with face-to-face delivery spread out over the semester with some online support materials. 
  • Introductory Preaching (PC247i PC447i, PC647i)

    Tim MacBride

    Unit Codes: PC247i PC447i, PC647i
    Delivery: Blended Delivery Summer Unit 
    Dates: 26 November 2018 – 8 February 2019 with intensive days and final assessment due in April
    Compulsory On-Campus Days: 16,17,18 January 2019

    This unit introduces students to various theological and pastoral issues in preaching. It will help students develop basic techniques in exegesis and exposition, and equip them with the skills necessary to begin a preaching ministry.

    Blended delivery includes 2 online modules to be compleded before the intensive, 4 online modules to be completed either before or after the intensive and 3 days on-campus intensive sessions. After the intensive days students will be required to write and deliver two sermons (by April 15th 2019) as the main assessment component for this unit. As this is a field-work unit, you will ideally need to preach these in a congregational or Youth Group setting. In special circumstances the lecturer may be able to approve other delivery arrangements, such as in a home Bible Study group.  

    Enrolment Due Date: 1 January 2019
    Admin Date: 4 January 2019
    Census Date: 16 January 2019
    Withdrawal Date: 1 March 2019

  • Research Methods (RM095i, RM091i)

    Ian O'Harae

    Unit Code: RM095i, RM091i
    Delivery: Blended Intensive
    Dates: 21 December 2018 - 7 June 2019
    On-Campus Days: 29-31 January 2019

    This Unit introduces students to social scientific research methods, so that they can use them within the framework of Practical Theology in their particular ministry contexts. by introducing students to contemporary approaches to qualitative and quantitative research methodologies, with a particular focus on those that are most often used in research in ministry, it provides them with the tools to select and apply a range of methodologies. In doing so, students learn how to formulate a research proposal that evaluates a ministry activity. Students are also introduced to the skills, competencies, and technical methods that are needed to conduct and present research, including identifying a research topic, designing a research process, and obtaining ethics clearances.

    Enrolment Due Date: 11 January 2019
    Admin Date: 29 January 2019
    Census Date: 29 January 2019
    Withdrawal Date: 2 April 2019

  • Old Testament Foundations (OT301i, OT501i)

    Anthony Petterson

    Unit Code: OT301i, 501i
    Delivery: Blended Intensive
    Dates: 7 January - 24 May 2019
    On-Campus Days: 4-6 February

    This Unit gives students an overview of the Pentateuch and historical books. This includes creation, the patriarchs, the Abrahamic and Mosaic covenants, the exodus, conquest and settlement, the rise of the monarchy and the covenant with David, and concludes with Solomon and the division of the Kingdom. Particular emphasis is placed on familiarity with the contents of the Old Testament itself, which in many cases is read against its Ancient Near Eastern background.

    Enrolment Due Date: 18 January 2019
    Admin Date: 5 February 2019
    Census Date: 5 February 2019
    Withdrawal Date: 1 April 2019

  • MML Action Research Seminar

    Karina Kreminski

    Delivery: Intensive
    On-Campus Days: 27-28 February 2019

    This is a two day intensive which covers the area of action research methodology for use in projects (insert appropriate project until codes). This is suitable for students who want a practical approach with a theoretical base as they complete the projects for their courses. In this intensive we include methodology, design, process and how to put together a proposal for the ethics committee. This is essential for MML students but also helpful for those who want to do practical research in their fields or contexts.

  • Cultural Exegesis (EM722i)

    Darrell Jackson and Karina Kreminski

    Unit Code: EM722i
    Delivery: Semi-Intensive
    Dates: 4 February - 7 June 2019
    On-Campus Days: 4-6 March, 20-21 May

    How do we better relate to our workplace, neighbourhood and society? The first step is to be able to exegete our culture. In the same way that we place importance on exegeting scripture, we must also be able to analyse our culture in order to see how the stories which are embedded in our contexts connect with the greater Story of the reign of God. As leaders we need to be conversant with our culture(s) in order to better lead our organisations and churches to understand and participate with the mission of God. In this unit students will learn the principles behind cultural analysis and how theology and culture intersect. They will also learn to devise appropriate strategies for cultural engagement so that effective communication to cultures and sub-cultures occurs. The course is aimed at leaders and practitioners who want to better be able to communicate and embody the gospel in a rapidly changing world but who understand that intelligent, creative reflection and analysis is needed as a first step.

    Enrolment Due Date: 1 February 2019
    Admin Date: 5 February 2019
    Census Date: 15 March 2019
    Withdrawal Date: 20 April 2019

  • Ministry with Non-Church Youth (DM413i, DM613i)

    Steve Dixon

    Unit Code: DM413i, DM613i
    Delivery: Blended Intensive
    Dates: 4 March - 7 June 2019
    On-Campus Days: 4 March, 25 March, 8 April, 13 May, 27 May

    This Unit gives students the skills with which to identify and understand the characteristics of and issues facing adolescents in Australia. In addition, students explore how to develop leadership teams and programs to connect with non-church youth and how to share the Gospel. Students learn strategies and models for conducting evangelistic outreach, as well as hear from youth organisations such as Power to Change, Scripture Union, Generate Ministries and Word of Life. They also develop a theology of mission with non-church youth, and think through the relationships between secular and Christian bodies working with youth in Australian society.

    Enrolment Due Date: 1 February 2019
    Admin Date: 25 March 2019
    Census Date: 15 March 2019
    Withdrawal Date: 1 May 2019

  • Interpreting and Applying Ephesians (NT705i)

    David Starling

    Unit Code: NT705i
    Delivery: Semi-Intensive
    Dates: 18 February - 7 June 2019
    On-Campus Days: 1 March, 22 March, 12 April, 10 May, 24 May

    This unit focuses on the exegesis, interpretation and application of Ephesians. It also includes an opportunity to investigate selected themes from the letter and their contemporary implications for Christian living and Christian ministry. Such themes include the letter’s perspective on salvation, Christology, the church, eschatology, ethics, household relationships, mission, spiritual warfare and the Holy Spirit.

    Enrolment Due Date: 1 February 2019
    Admin Date: 22 March 2019
    Census Date: 15 March 2019
    Withdrawal Date: 1 May 2019

  • Atonement and the Doctrine of God (TH706i)

    Matt Andrew

    Unit Code: TH706i
    Delivery: Semi-Intensive
    Dates: 18 February - 7 June 2019
    On-Campus Days: 17-18 May

    At the heart of the Christian faith is the belief that Jesus’ saving work fundamentally changed something for us. But what is the nature of this change? And how does it cohere with God’s nature as the trinitarian God of love? In this unit we will be exploring these questions in light of the biblical witness, the broader tradition, and contemporary questions such as the place of violence in the atonement. The unit aims to equip you to be able to faithfully articulate and apply the narrative of salvation in your own context and ministry.

    Enrolment Due Date: 1 February 2019
    Admin Date: 22 March 2019
    Census Date: 15 March 2019
    Withdrawal Date: 1 May 2019

  • Global Migration, Diaspora and the Mission of God (EM489i, EM689i, EM713i)

    Darrell Jackson

    Unit Code: EM489i, EM689i, EM713i
    Delivery: Intensive
    Dates: 4 January - 31 May 2019
    On-Campus Days: 4-6 February, 3 May, 24 May

    This unit is designed to equip students to better understand, appreciate, and respond in a biblically and theologically robust manner to migrant individuals, families, and communities in a context of global and local migration, and to do so as leaders and members of churches and mission agencies. Through an in-depth, critical introduction to the phenomenon of migration and the migrant, students will be introduced to the key concepts and themes of migration and diaspora.

    Enrolment Due Date: 4 January 2019
    Admin Date: 5 February 2019
    Census Date: 5 February 2019
    Withdrawal Date: 3 April 2019


Our two year long semi-intensives are both certificates designed to train people for specific ministries - Church Planting, Children's Ministry or Youth Ministry. 

  • SENT Church Planting (PC244i, PC444i, PC644i, PC710i)

    Karina Kreminski and Jamie Freeman

    Unit Code: PC244i, PC444i, PC644i, PC710i
    Delivery: Semi-Intensive
    On-Campus Days: 4 March, 9 May, 22 July, 5 September, 17 October

    SENT is Morling’s internal Church Planting Certificate. As a one-year part-time experience pioneering church planting leaders will be equipped to take the gospel to the world. SENT is for anyone who isn’t simply interested in “content download” but wants to be trained in an environment where practical application, relevant experience, and formation are crucial for learning. You will have the opportunity to connect with other church planters who have a dream for planting, as well as be trained by some of our best practitioners and theoreticians inside and outside of our denomination.

    For more information about SENT, click here.

    Enrolment Due Date: 1 February 2019
    Admin Date: 8 March 2019
    Census Date: 7 May 2019
    Withdrawal Date: 7 August 2019

  • IMPACT Children's or Youth Ministry Certificate (PC244i, PC444i, PC644i)

    Steve Dixon

    Unit Code: PC244i, PC444i, PC644i
    Delivery: Semi-Intensive
    On-Campus Days
    Children's Ministry:

    • Thursday 14 March - Attend Lecture at Morling
    • Wednesday 22 May - Attend Lecture at Morling
    • Monday 12 August - Attend Lecture at Morling
    • September 30 - 3 October - Attend Activate Children’s Ministry Leadership Conference

    Youth Ministry:

    • February 5-7 - Attend Baptist Youth and Emerging Leaders Conference
    • Thursday 14 March - Attend Lecture at Morling
    • Wednesday 22 May - Attend Lecture at Morling
    • Monday 12 August - Attend Lecture at Morling

    “Impact” is a one year course designed to help equip you for ministry with children or teenagers, by exploring different approaches to ministry, Australian culture, healthy personal practices and effective programming. You will also get connected with practitioners from across NSW and ACT. Impact builds on your involvement with your local church, by helping to build good theory upon which to develop your approach, through engaging with guided readings, and a network of practitioners you can learn from.

    For more information about IMPACT, click here.

    Enrolment Due Date: 1 February 2019
    Admin Date: 8 March 2019
    Census Date: 5 May 2019
    Withdrawal Date: 7 August 2019


Existing ACT/Morling Students:
  1. Enrol ONLINE here, or
  2. Complete the normal Enrolment Form (found on Moodle) and return to the Registrar's Department - (Intensives and Summer School Online enrolments can also be included on your semester 1 or 2 enrolment form).
New Students

Before enrolling in any Summer School or Intensive units, new students will need to complete the Student Application process. We strongly encourage you to contact us early, to discuss your study options and eligibility. Use one of the forms on this page to apply now as either a full-time or part-time student. 


Casual enrolments are available for anyone who wishes to attend an intensive unit, but does not want to complete assessment tasks or gain credit towards an award. You can download the Casual Enrolment Form here.

For more information

Have questions about Intensives, Blended Units or Summer School Online? Contact us and we'll be happy to help you get started. 




Currently, Morling offers Intensive Study Units for those striving to obtain the following undergraduate degrees: Bachelor of Ministry, Bachelor of Theology, Bachelor of Christian Studies, and Associative Degree in Theology.


Currently, Morling offers Intensive Study Units for those striving to obtain the following graduate degrees: Graduate Diploma of Divinity, Graduate Diploma of Christian Studies, and Master of Divinity.


The ACT limits the number of units which may be studied in intensive mode for undergraduate and graduate awards. All students should check the regulations for the award in which they are enrolled.


Intensives are lectures given as a series over several consecutive days (generally a one-week period). Semi-intensives run over several non-consecutive days, spread over several weeks (for example, a series of Mondays). Each intensive unit is run differently, so it is important that you contact Morling College for information on when the intensives are scheduled, the prior reading requirements, and how frequently the unit is offered.

Because of the fast-paced nature of intensive units, we strongly recommend that you enquire with a faculty member of Morling if you are interested in attending these classes.


Many students at Morling are working professionals with families, commitments and a busy schedule. We understand that making time each week to attend lectures can be difficult. Intensive Units provide a way for students to gain the same quality of education at a pace that works around your busy schedule.


Casual accommodation in MRC should be booked through Tiana or Judith by email: or Phone: 02 8458 2320.

Students must book accommodation at least two weeks before the starting date of their booking for their accommodation to be guaranteed. Bookings less than two weeks before the start date may incur significant additional costs.




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