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Cults and Sects (English only)

A study of contemporary cults and sects and their relation to Christian faith.


1. To enable candidates to identify the characteristics of modern cults and sects;
2. To analyse factors involved in the growth of such movements in the Western world;
3. To enable candidates to acquire a general knowledge of particular movements;
4. To help candidates bring a Christian response to such movements, their teaching and followers.


Section A: Definitions, Terms, Characteristics
Definition of terms: cult; sect; church; denomination; religion; movement.
Factors involved in the contemporary growth of cults, sects and other alternative religious movements, and their common characteristics.
Christian responses to cults and sects and their followers.

Section B: Particular Movements
The history, beliefs, structures/organization, and means of propagation of three cults or sects, such as: Transcendental Mediation; Children of God; Church of Scientology; the Unification Church; New Age movements; Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (Mormons); Jehovah-s Witnesses.