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Glenda Tunbridge - Master of Counselling - Student Interview

Tuesday 26th March 2024

1. What did you study and when did you graduate? 

Master of counselling – Commencing 2015 part time and completing study FT  in 2019 – graduating March 2020

2. Where do you find yourself serving God now? 

I’m working in a 75 Bed Private mental health ward in the Lake Macquarie district. I lead group therapy sessions as well as engaging with clients in 1:1 therapy on a regular basis. I work as a member of a team alongside psychiatrists, clinical psychologists, nursing staff and social workers.  I am also now an authorized counsellor for NSW Victim Services working with victims of crime. Often I am supporting people who are in the darkest times in their lives. I believe that God gives me skills, words and compassion for them as I work.

3. What is something that you learnt that really ‘stuck out’? 

I’m constantly using learnings from my time at college to inform my work with clients. – especially the interpersonal skills of being present with the client with compassion and understanding. I also use a lot of the trauma skills and family skills  I learned at Morling.

4. What is your favourite memory from college? 

Skills practice – it was scary, It was fun, it was absolutely invaluable !  You can learn all the head knowledge you like – but until you actually start DOING it it’s just theory.

Other great memory was morning coffee with the gang while we waited for class to start – we all shared our counselling journey together

5. Why did you decide to study Counselling? 

Long story… how much time do you have ?? 

Seriously, After my own life experience and many years of being helped by incredibly good counsellors – my friends encouraged me to take on counselling as well – I’m glad they did.  The world of Mental Health Practitioners needs good Spiritual Christians to be there and use their skills.

6. Why did you choose Morling College over other colleges and universities?

My lecturers at SMBC recommended the counselling course at Morling. – Also Morling was in person learning rather than online – I got to practice with real people !

 7. And lastly, how did your study inform your practice?

As I work in a multi-disciplinary environment – I work with people who see human beings through different lenses. OTs look at the body and the sensory input.  Psychiatrists look at the brain function and nervous system and try to prescribe medications that are helpful. Social workers look at the social structures around the client and try help them improve.

For me as a counsellor – its all about relationships – The client’s relationship with themselves, and the people and world around them.  This makes sense for me with the understanding that our God is a relational God – within Himself as well as with his creation.

8. What is life like as a Counsellor

Firstly… you’ll never look at people the same way again !

But seriously,

I love it !  Studying counselling created a change in me – which in turn helps me to support others to create change.  (and of course nothing changes if nothing changes)

It’s exciting and rewarding and at times exhausting but for me there’s no going back.

In the mental health ward we have a line we sometimes use as we exit the staff room and on to the ward – “lets go and change some lives today !”  Its meant as playfully tongue in cheek – but there is also a truth to it  As a Christian I also know that I don’t have the power to change anyone – that’s Gods job ! But I really enjoy watching him work and fitting in with that through the interventions I bring

Practically, counselling has also created work flexibility for me as I work a mix of employment and private practice that suits my needs.

As I said before…. I love it

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