Morling Online


Since 1995, Morling has been at the forefront of flexible delivery - providing Bible, Ministry, and Theology courses to students who were unable to attend on-campus classes. With hundreds of students currently studying online, Morling is the leading (and largest) Online Theology & Ministry program in Australia, with widely recognised courses also in the areas of Counselling, Chaplaincy & Spiritual Care and Education from a Christian perspective.

Regardless of which course you choose to study with us, Morling Online is committed to ensuring that you have access to the same high quality service, support and study experience that our on-campus students enjoy.

Through the Morling Online LMS, you will have access to all of your learning materials, your student support services and online library resources all in one place. Our dedicated Academic Tutor is available to help you with academic writing and study skills support. And our tech support team are only too happy to help you get started as well.

Think of Morling Online as your online college campus… It’s everything you need to succeed, all in one convenient location!

How it works

Central to everything we do is our commitment to strong support systems, both academically and pastorally, for all of our students—regardless of the course, your location or the mode in which you choose to study.

All of our courses are designed to encourage interaction and help you feel like you’re part of a real learning community. Though you may not meet your lecturer and classmates in person, you will be communicating with them often, with regular opportunities to interact in discussions or meet together with your class and lecturer in our online virtual classrooms.

To help new students get started, we offer online student orientation sessions at the beginning of each semester, and we will connect you with a study mentor to help you stay motivated. And if you are ever unsure about what you need to do, you can call us for help.

Who knows? You might even sit in on a class via live-stream from our brand new interactive digital classroom on campus.


One of the main benefits of studying online is the flexibility and control you have over your study schedule – being able to fit your studies in around your other everyday commitments like work, family and ministry.

You’re free to study whenever and wherever you like, but it will take a lot of self-discipline, and there will definitely be times when you’ll struggle to stay motivated. But don’t worry – we are always here to give you a helping hand and help keep you on track.


Whatever questions you might have, real people are available to help you via phone or email. Whether you need tech support, help with finding your course resources, or if you have specific questions about your unit or assessment tasks, help is never far away with our Help Desk for online students. And spiritual and pastoral support is also readily available.

With high-quality academic resources and world-class faculty, you’ll have the opportunity to engage in a transformative learning journey with students from all over the world. From enrolment to graduation, we’re here to help you learn, grow and be transformed.