Monday/TUESDAY Night Live

Are you wanting to equip yourself or your church with a better understanding of the Bible, Theology, and Mission? Join us for Monday/Tuesday Night Live at Morling—via livestream—for weekly lectures from Morling’s world-class teaching faculty.

  • Zoom in to the livestream from home; OR
  • Gather as a church or small group to watch via livestream.


evenings from 20th February 2024


evenings from 22nd July 2024

Lecture topics in 2024

Semester 1, 2024: Biblical Interpretation / Principles of Hermeneutics, with Drs Andrew Sloan, Anthony Petterson, Tim MacBride & David Starling.
Semester 2, 2024: Mission Perspectives, with Rev Graeme Dunkley.

Coming in 2025: Church History; Living Faiths.

Cost (Not for Academic Credit)

  • Individual: $400 per semester (12 weeks, not for academic credit)
  • Church or group up to 10 people: $1100 per livestream (12 weeks, not for academic credit)
  • Church or group 10 or more people: pro rata up to $2000 per livestream (12 weeks, not for academic credit)

For Credit Options

If you want to do more than just listen, enrol in a related online unit at certificate, undergraduate, or graduate level. You will have access to more in-depth material, as well as the Morling library’s collection of hardcopy and electronic resources, and will complete assessments for academic credit.* Current fees are available on the fees page of the website. .

Certificate in Theology (ThC):

  • 2024 Sem 1: Biblical Interpretation
  • 2024 Sem 2: Christian Mission & Missions

Undergraduate award (e.g. Diploma, Degree):

  • 2024 Sem 1: BB003-512 Principles of Hermeneutics
  • 2024 Sem 2: EM001-512 Mission Perspectives

Postgraduate award (e.g. Graduate Certificate/Diploma, Masters):

  • 2024 Sem 1: BB003-812 Principles of Hermeneutics
  • 2024 Sem 2: EM001-812 Mission Perspectives

The Australian Government FEE-HELP loan scheme can be used for units undertaken as part of an undergraduate or postgraduate award. Eligibility criteria apply. Note that the Certificate in Theology is not an Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) qualification, and is therefore not eligible.

*The courses in Bible, Ministry and Theology are courses of the ACT (CRICOS 02650E).