Morling Press

The Morling Press, affiliated with Morling College, regularly publishes popular academic works covering a variety of subjects related to the ministry and goals of a life devoted to God and Jesus Christ. The available literature covers such topics as apologetics, mission work and evangelism, devotionals and aspects of practical Christian life.

Many Australian Christian scholars have come to depend on Morling Press for inspirational works which help them further their own research and expand their ministry. Morling Press publishes significant works as they apply to the Christian life as well as republishing Baptist classics.

Morling College opened the doors of Morling Press in 2000 as an extension of their outreach to churches and pastors. The goal is to publish Christian literature that shares the joy of Christianity, explores questions Christians may face, and addresses the problems of evangelising in the 21st Century by publishing the writings of Morling College lecturers and offering the works of other noted Christian scholars. Our goal is to help and encourage the believer to explore theology and mission by providing accessible academic and religious literature based on sound biblical teaching and wisdom.

Prospective Authors

Morling Press, affiliated with Morling College, is dedicated to publishing popular Christian academic books as well as re-publishing Baptist classics.

Our mission is to publish excellent books which will equip Christians in their faith and challenge them to better serve God and his church.

Since 2000, Morling Press has fulfilled its mission of equipping and enriching Christians by publishing books in the following subject areas: Christian Living, Biblical Studies, Worship Missions, Baptist Church Governance, Devotional Aids.

Morling Press also participates in the training mission and ministry of Morling College by publishing works written by Morling College faculty in the following subject areas: Apologetics, Discipleship, The Missional Church, Biblical Research. 

Morling Press welcomes proposals from Baptist authors, Morling graduates and faculty. The proposed text of your work must reflect the scope of our mission and our purpose.

Rather than review a completed manuscript, we prefer to receive a proposal. Our editorial staff will review your proposal and offer suggestions to help you make your book more publishable and appealing to our target audience. We will respond to your proposal as quickly as possible and wait until further into the submission process before requesting a completed manuscript.

To assist you in preparing a proposal for consideration, Morling Press has provided submission guidelines. Please use these guidelines as a tool to assist you in properly developing a proposal for publication.

In addition to an annotated chapter outline and the estimated length of each chapter, we ask that you outline your intended audience and the purpose and distinctive qualities of your proposed work. Please consider other works of this type which are currently on the market and detail how your proposal differs from these.

It is also helpful to describe the proposed market for your work and consider how you might help us sell your book at seminars, speaking engagements, or other events you participate in. While we make every effort to respond quickly, it may take up to three months for us to adequately review your proposal.

Please do not submit originals of your work as your proposal is not typically returned to you. Morling Press does not have a set royalty rate. Royalties are discussed after your proposal is accepted for publication.

Thank you for your interest in publishing through Morling Press. We look forward to reviewing your proposal and perhaps working with you to provide quality written work to enrich and challenge the Christian community in Australia and abroad.