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Morling College is the theological college of pastoral and related ministries for accreditation in NSW and ACT Baptist churches and takes its responsibility seriously in the formation of students for accredited Baptist Ministry especially in light of NSW and ACT Baptist Association, ethical and Government legislated requirements.


At the April Baptist Assembly, 2015 revised Baptist Accreditation guidelines were accepted by the Baptist churches of NSW and ACT. These guidelines are reflected in training processes surrounding Baptist Accreditation and training conducted by Morling College. The College acts on behalf of the Baptist Churches of NSW, ACT and WA when it comes to formation for Baptist accreditation. Please refer to the full Accreditation Guidelines for these details.


Full requirements and further details surrounding Baptist accreditation training and formation will be supplied when contact has been made with the Accreditation Adviser. To get in touch, please email and you will be contacted about what pursuing Accreditation involves in study and formation requirements.

SYDNEY PRE-APPLICATION INFORMATION SESSIONS surrounding Baptist Accreditation take place twice in a year and are hosted at the College, with each session held early in semesters 1 and 2. This is a meeting hosted by the College but conducted in liaison with Ministry Support and Development (MSD), Baptist Association.

You must have attended a Pre-Application Information Session to be able to move ahead with accreditation and then be part of a Pre-Accreditation interview. For students who are unable to make one of these sessions, please contact Jenny Case –

The next Pre-Application information sessions are being held as follows:

  • Thursday 25th March 2021, 4pm to 5.30pm - face-to-face (Room 2) or online via ZOOM
  • Thursday 2nd September 2021, 4pm to 5.30pm - face-to-face (Room 2 - dependant on NSW Health directives at that time) or online via ZOOM

Please email Jenny Casey before the meeting for a ZOOM link and relevant forms to be sent to you. Please ensure you have ZOOM on your computer or mobile device and are familiar with how to use this before your meeting. 


If you have attended a Pre-Application Information Session and received the appropriate forms, and are still interested in continuing forward towards Accreditation candidacy then ensure you lodge these completed forms and Pastor's reference as soon as possible so that a time slot can be allocated on a Pre-application interview day. This is the next step in moving forward to receive Baptist Accreditation. Contact Ros Allibone, BA office to book in.

The next set of Pre-Application Interviews is being held at Morling College MALC L3, or via ZOOM:

  • Tuesday 13th or Wednesday 14th April 2021 (1 hour designated time slot to be arranged) 
  • Tuesday 21st or Wednesday 22nd September 2021 (1 hour designated time slot to be arranged)


Being an accepted Accreditation Candidate means supporting both the Association and other Baptist pastors, so it is important to be part of Association events. If you are an accepted Accreditation Candidate then it would be expected that you attend Baptist Assemblies, Events and Accreditation Service. Due to Government regulations these events and activities are being coordinated differently. Keep up-to-date with BA events through their web-site and search in events:


As an accepted Accreditation Candidate refer to the Full Accreditation Training Guidelines for whether some of these events are mandatory or not.

  • Baptist Accreditation Candidate Annual Update Meeting:
    This is held annually in February during Community Week of Morling College. It is expected that all accepted Baptist Accreditation Candidates would attend this meeting. This is required so as to stay informed of any revised Accreditation and training requirements. It is also a chance to meet and connect with other Accreditation candidates for networking and support purposes. If you are unable to attend this meeting please inform Keith Mitchell, Accreditation Adviser Feel free to attend the Community Week sessions, share in a free lunch with other students and attend the meeting afterwards.
  • Advanced Creating Safe Spaces Training
    Completing the Baptist Association’s Creating Safe Spaces and Advanced Creating Safe Spaces Training courses are requirements to become accredited as a Baptist minister. The next Advanced Creating Safe Spaces will be offered as follows:
    August 9 – Day 1 online (via Zoom) or face to face in Ministry and Learning Centre (MALC), Macquarie Park.
    August 16 – Day 2 (Face to face option) in MALC.
    August 23 – Day 2 (Online option) via Zoom.
    NB. Details of all Creating Safe Space courses can be found on the Creating Safe Spaces page.

    This 2 day advanced training program is required for all paid Baptist pastors and leaders. It is preferred that you have been accepted as an Accreditation Candidate to attend this event but any paid pastoral position would be expected to attend these workshops. This event is conducted by the Ministry Standards Unit of the Baptist Association and is a paid event. Pre-register online via the Creating Safe Spaces page.
  • Marriage Workshop
    Thursday 16th September 2021, 1:30-4:30pm
    Facilitator: Grae McWhirter, Baptist Association
    You must register in advance with Grae McWhirter for this session. After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting. If you have any questions or to register please contact Grae McWhirter
    This event is conducted by the Baptist Association free of charge for Baptist Accreditation students. Attendance at this is mandatory for obtaining your Religious Marriage license as an accredited Baptist minister. 
    Register through
  • Prepare-Enrich Facilitator Trainer
    The Baptist Association (BA) states that Prepare-enrich must be completed to attain a Marriage license as a Baptist Celebrant.
    This is offered as an on-line blended training program. Please refer to the following link for details and registration details and registration.
    The mandatory face to face component will take place on Monday 2nd August 2021, 9.30am to 1.00pm (Morling MALC - L1 Seminar Room) or via ZOOM (please request Zoom link from Keith Mitchell). Registrations close Friday 9th of July and online training to be completed by Friday 30th July. The College offers this course annually at a much reduced rate for College students. Contact Keith Mitchell ( for further enquiries.
  • Annual Accreditation Progress Review - Tuesday July 13th and Wednesday 14th July 2021. If you are a Baptist Accreditation Candidate and anticipate becoming accredited in the ensuing year then you will require a final interview with the Committee for the Ministry in December this year. If this is the case then you will need to make ensure that you attend a 45 minute session to review your studies and placement (face to face or Zoom) with a member of the Baptist Association and Morling College, on one of the above days. You will need to ensure that you have a demonstration of your plan of completion based on the Accreditation Training Guidelines issued by Morling College. Contact Keith Mitchell, Accreditation Adviser for these requirements if you do not have them An e-mail will be sent to you as an Accreditation candidate in June so you can book a time slot.
  • Annual Accreditation Luncheon
    Wednesday 22nd September 2021, 12:30-1:30pm (Morling College MALC or Dining Room).
    This is a free annual lunch provided by the College for Accreditation candidates to take opportunity to pray for each other, and bless those who will be completing their Accreditation studies this year. It also serves to build your networking with other Accreditation candidates as ongoing support and relationship. An invitational e-mail will be sent around August to Accreditation Candidates who are yet to complete their accreditation studies.



    The first step is to speak with our Accreditation Adviser Keith Mitchell who will assist you through the Accreditation process. Please contact Keith to arrange a suitable time discuss further:

    Before beginning the Accreditation for Ministry process, you must be enrolled in a course at Morling. 

    If you are not already a student with us, you can find out more about applying to study at Morling here.


    Pre-Application (Preliminary Registration for Interest)

    This step is designed to help assess if you should continue with a formal application. You are required to attend a pre-application information session. Morling will host a meeting each semester on campus.

    During the information session you will be provided with documentation outlining the requirements for the accreditation process. You will need to complete the following documents before step 3:

    1. Preliminary registration of interest for Baptist Accreditation
    2. Confidential Questionnaire and Statutory Declaration regarding personal character and history.
    3. A referral from your pastor, indicating their support.

    Once all documentation has been received by the Committee for the Ministry, representatives will meet with you to discuss the next step.


    You will need to complete and submit the following through an Online Application:

    1. An account of your call to ministry
    2. An account of your early religious training, conversion & spiritual journey
    3. 500+ words regarding your convictions on Baptist doctrine and practice of ministry
    4. 500+ words regarding your understanding of Baptist practice of ministry
    5. An account of your ministry experience, including preaching
    6. References: Names of three persons who know you well – any Employer (current or previous) or colleague/acquaintance/friend; Plus, your Current Senior/Lead Pastor and/or any Previous Senior/Lead Pastor (< 5 years previous); The name of the Church Secretary (or senior office bearer) of your current church for them to organise a formal letter from the church supporting your application for accreditation.
    7. A list of theological & general reading, identifying books read during the last two years
    8. An up-to-date medical report
    9. A digital recording or online reference/link of a recent sermon you have preached in English; or a written transcript of an English translation of a sermon preached in another language
    10. Your stance on the Statement of Beliefs in the Constitution.
    11. Signed Statement of Principle

    You are also required to undergo a psychological assessment with an approved Clinical Psychologist. A report will be requested from Morling College (if applicable). Participation in brief training and evaluation workshops will also be required.



    Over the course of one day, you and (if applicable) your spouse/fiancee will be interviewed. You will be required to:

    1. Share your story of why you believe you are called and why you are applying for accreditation.
    2. Meet with three interview panels:
      1. Doctrine and Denominationalism
      2. Personality and Relational Capacity
      3. Gifts and Experience for Ministry

    After this you will be free to leave to allow the Committee for the Ministry to decide your application.

    Candidacy and Probation

    If accepted as a candidate for accreditation you will meet with the Committee for the Ministry again to develop your Ministry and Leadership Development Plan and checklist. This will be used to assess your progress through the probation period. Probation will conclude when the Committee for the Ministry meets with you to consider final reports from your Church, Morling College and others as required by the committee.


    Accreditation is an ongoing process requiring demonstration of continued growth over a three year cycle in areas of spiritual life, professional skills and connection.

    In the first three years following accreditation you will be required to:

    1. Complete any remaining ministry training require by the Committee for the Ministry
    2. Attend required post-accreditation events conducted by Ministry Support & Development (MSD)
    3. Undertake Clinical Mentoring with an approved mentor for a minimum of four hours per year.

    During your first year as an Accredited Minister it is expected that you will server under the direction of MSD, Global InterAction, or such other body approved by the Committee for the Ministry. During this period you will need to consult with MSD if considering a change in your ministry placement.