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Making a positive impact in the lives of others

Wednesday 29th July 2020

I’m currently working at Macquarie Clinic, a practice of Christian Mental Health Practitioners at Macquarie Park. I also see clients from my private practice, Jen Dring Counselling. 

My time at Morling was invaluable for preparing me for my current work. I was counselling before coming to Morling, but I observed the benefits it provided my clients when I applied what I learnt from studying at Morling College, namely when I began to focus on the interpersonal process occurring in the sessions with my clients.  

I originally chose counselling at Morling to increase my counselling qualifications to a Masters.

"I had heard positive things about the Morling Master of Counselling course, that it was a great combination between theoretical and practical learning, underpinned within a Christian context.I found this to definitely be the case."

I finished my Master of Counselling at Morling not only with the increased counselling qualification I came for, but also feeling more equipped as a counsellor, through the personal and professional growth that occurred throughout my time at Morling. 

"What stood out to me at Morling was that the lecturers weren’t just motivated to provide me merely with a counselling qualification, but they were invested in equipping me to become a more impactful counsellor."

I valued their emphasis on examining the process that was taking place in a counselling session rather than focusing on the content. Implementing this with my clients proved very beneficial.  

The lecturers were always ready to help, with classes being small enough to allow discussion and interaction, allowing every class to be an enjoyable and an engaging learning experience. 

"Morling not only benefited me professionally, it had a personal impact as well, enabling me to gain a greater understanding of myself and the people around me."

The main advice I would give to others considering studying counselling at Morling College is to be open to the process, allowing the course to develop you not only as a counsellor, but also as a person.

Written by Jen Dring

Jen Dring completed her Master of Counselling through Morling College. She currently works at Macquarie Clinic, a practice of Christian Mental Health Practitioners at Macquarie Park, and also sees clients from her private practice, Jen Dring Counselling.

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