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Advanced Diploma of Ministry

Course Description

In addition to Bible and Christian Thought units, the Advanced Diploma of Ministry requires a specialisation in disciplines by which the knowledge of God is applied to guide Christian practice in the three areas of the field of Ministry and Practice: Evangelism and Missiology (EM), Pastoral & Church Focused Ministry (PC) and Developmental Ministry (DM). 

The Advanced Diploma of Ministry introduces students to the sources and content of the Christian story and message, and provides training which emphasises application and practice of this story and message in the contemporary world. 

Entry Requirements

Pathway 1: Candidates are admitted upon satisfactory completion of year 12 in an Australian school system or equivalent. Mature-age entry is available for candidates 20 years and older.

Pathway 2: Open to persons who have achieved an Australian Tertiary Admission rank (ATAR) score of no less than 65 or equivalent. Mature-age entry is available for candidates 21 years and older.

Course Outcomes

The Advanced Diploma of Christian studies introduces students, in a systematic manner, to the classical discipline of theology, as a means of preparing men and women for well-informed participation in the life of the church and, if students so choose, for ministry in one or more areas of pastoral practice.

Career Options

The course provides foundational knowledge and skills appropriate to Christian ministry, but not to the depth required for leaders and teachers in congregations, for which vocations the Bachelor of Theology, Bachelor of Ministry, the Master of Ministry, and the Master of Divinity have been devised. This course provides a smooth pathway from a one year course to a bachelor degree, should a student wish to articulate.

Credit Points

Pathway 1: 16 Units (64 credit points) including 12 units (48 cps) at 200-level and at least 16 cps taken at 300/400 level. 
Pathway 2: 12 Units (48 credit points) at 300/400-level.

Course Duration

Pathway 1: Minimum 2 years
Pathway 2: Minimum 1.5 years, maximum 6 years 

Study Modes

Units are available both on-campus and online.

Course Structure

OT*01 & OT*02 Old Testament Introduction 8
NT*01 & NT*02 New Testament Introduction 8
CH*01 & CH*02 Church History 4
TH210, TH211, TH401, TH402, TH403 or TH404 Theology 4
OT2-- or OT4-- Old Testament Exegesis 4
NT2-- or NT4-- New Testament Exegesis 4
EM/PC/DM Ministry & Practice 16
  Electives 16
OT301 & OT302 Old Testament Introduction 8
NT301 & NT302 New Testament Introduction 8
CH/TH/PE Christian Thought 4
EM/PC/DM Ministry & Practice 12
Any 300- or 400-level unit Electives 16

 This is a course of the Australian College of Theology.       

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