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Bachelor of Christian Studies

Course Description

The Bachelor of Christian Studies is an integrative degree and incorporates one-year full-time equivalent of degree-level study in a non-theological field (of which at least 75% must form a coherent area of study, e.g., business, psychology, comparative religions, etc.) from an Australian University. The credit from these institutions is applied to a student’s Bachelor of Christian Studies record, with 32 credit points from an external provider. This non-ACT study should preferably be done alongside the study of the ACT units. Please note that this component of the course is subject to the ACT’s senescence Policy.

This course is based on the disciplines by which the knowledge of God is developed and articulated across two main fields: Bible and Language (LA, OT, NT, BB) and Christian Thought and History (TH, CH, PE). It will also provide an approach to synthesising this understanding with particular occupational and/or life interests in 'integrated studies'. 

Entry Requirements

Open as a first degree to persons who have achieved Australian Tertiary Admission rank (ATAR) score of at least 65.00 or equivalent. Mature-age entry is available for candidates 21 years and older.

Course Outcomes

This degree provides students with a coherent program of general theological study that enables them to apply a Christian perspective to all aspects of their life, including their profession and vocation.

Career Options

This degree is designed to integrate theological reflection with the particular occupational and/or life interests of students, incorporating fields of non-theological study as credit towards the course. Assuming that the graduate completes his or her university degree, he or she could reasonably expect to become a member of a non-theological profession with well-informed knowledge of the essential content of the Christian tradition.

Credit Points

96 credit points at 300/400-level.

Course Duration

3 years full-time (The maximum candidature is 9 years part-time).

Study Modes

Morling College units are available both on-campus and online.

Course Structure

OT301 & OT302 Old Testament Introduction 8
NT301 & NT302 New Testament Introduction 8
CH301 & CH302 Church History 4
TH401, TH402, TH403 or TH404 Theology 4
OT4-- & NT4 Exegesis 8
TH/CH Theology/Church History 8
IN490 Independent Study Project 4
  Electives 20
  At least one year of full-time equivalent degree-level study in a non-theological field from an approved educational institution. 32

No more than ten 300-level units can be taken in the degree.

This is a course of the Australian College of Theology.        

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