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Bachelor of Theology (Honours)

Course Description

The Honours program is designed for students who have graduated with a three-year undergraduate Bachelor of Theology degree from the ACT and who have demonstrated high academic potential.

Entry Requirements

This degree is open to those with a Bachelor of Theology or Bachelor of Ministry with a GPA of at least 2.0 overall, and 2.0 in the designated field of study to be pursued in the Honours program.

(Morling recommends students to consider this option only if their GPA in the designated field of study is 2.8 or above.) Students wishing to enroll in the Bachelor of Theology (Honours) program must have successfully completed at least 8 cps in either biblical Hebrew (LA003) or New Testament Greek (LA004) and at least 8 cps of biblical language exegesis as part of their initial theology degree.

Course Outcomes

This honours course accentuates the outcomes of the Bachelor of Theology and prepares men and women for advanced research in theology and ministry.

Career Options

Together with training men and women for pastoral practice, this course also prepares graduates to be advanced researchers in their chosen field.

Credit Points

The Bachelor of Theology Honours program requires 36 credit points in addition to a completed B.Th.

Candidates complete the following:

  • Coursework: 24 credit points
    • RM091 or RM095 - Research Methods (6cps)
    • 3 x 6 credit point units (18cps), including at least 12cps in the student's designated field of research
  • Research: Thesis of 16,000 words (12cps)

Units are completed at 700 level. 

Course Duration

1 year full-time, or up to 3 years part-time.

This is a course of the Australian College of Theology.        

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