Graduate Certificate Of Chaplaincy And Spiritual Care

Course description

The Graduate Certificate of Chaplaincy & Spiritual Care is AQF level 8 and can be completed part-time over 2 years and can be considered as one-half of the Graduate Diploma of Chaplaincy & Spiritual Care. This award is surrendered by students who go on to complete the Graduate Diploma of Chaplaincy & Spiritual Care. Units are available on-campus and online.

Entry Requirements

Entry to the Graduate Certificate of Chaplaincy & Spiritual Care is based on evidence of a capacity to undertake higher degree studies including a:

  • Bachelor degree, 
  • Bachelor Honours degree or
  • Graduate Diploma degree.

Applicants must attend an interview as part of the application process.

Experience based entry scheme for those without undergraduate qualifications:

Applicants over 21 years of age who have not completed an undergraduate degree may be considered for admission if they provide evidence of educational and/or professional background deemed to be equivalent to an undergraduate degree. Such evidence would include non-tertiary study (i.e., VET, professional studies that are non-accredited), documented life experiences equivalent to an undergraduate degree, and/or work experience that would suggest the capacity for postgraduate study.

Course Outcomes

The Graduate Certificate in Chaplaincy & Spiritual Care provides education and training in the core foundational knowledge and skills of chaplaincy and spiritual care. The course utilises an integrative approach to spiritual care on how theological learning applies in practical ways to changing realities of human communities and recognises that providing spiritual care to an individual necessarily includes ministering to the person's wider context of social and organisational networks. Graduates of this award will:

  • have advanced knowledge and skill in the key components of spiritual care across the lifespan
  • be able to apply this knowledge in professional and/or voluntary pastoral care roles in the context of social, institutional, organisational and community groups
  • will be able to demonstrate knowledge, skills and behaviours required for the practice of spiritual and pastoral care to people with Christian beliefs and those with other beliefs to bring spiritual meaning in moments of crisis and promote spiritual growth

The Graduate Certificate will also provide the necessary skills for further advanced training through either the Graduate Diploma or Master of Chaplaincy & Spiritual Care.

Career Options

The Graduate Certificate provides a firm basis from which to pursue further study in spiritual care, theology, ministry and mission through progression to a Graduate Diploma; or from which to pursue cross-disciplinary studies in theology, ministry, and other disciplines in which the student has appropriate qualifications. Graduates could also volunteer as chaplains.

Credit Points

48 credit points at 800-level

Course Duration

Up to a maximum of 2 years part-time. 

Course Structure

Students complete 4 core units.

Study Modes

Units are available both on-campus and online.

Course Structure

Core Units
CHA801 Professional Chaplaincy & Spiritual Care Practices 1 12
CHA807 Biblical and Theological Dimensions of Chaplaincy & Spiritual Care 12
CHA811 Legal, Ethical and Cultural Issues in Chaplaincy & Spiritual Care 12
CHA812 Human Development 12