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Evening Class
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Join our evening classes and learn from experienced lecturers who will stretch, challenge and deepen your biblical knowledge and its practical application to your work, ministry and life.

Why Evening Classes?

Evening classes are the perfect opportunity for those who work during the day to attend on-campus classes and get to know God and his word more deeply and be better equipped for ministry. 

Other benefits include:

  • the ability to accumulate credits towards an undergraduate or post-graduate diploma or degree;
  • strong support from qualified educators and access to the latest research and resources;
  • access to state-of-the-art teaching and learning facilities in the brand new Ministry & Learning Centre at our Macquarie Park campus;
  • open pathways to further study that can lead towards accreditation as a Baptist Pastor or being equipped for other areas of ministry.

Semester 2-2021 (classes start Tuesday 26th July)

Tuesday l 6.30pm 
Face to Face | Perth-Vose campus

Old Testament Prophets & Writings
with Erin Crause

Deepen your grasp of the Old Testament and its significance for your life as a Christian

Tuesday l 6.45pm 
Livestream & Face to Face | Macquarie Park campus

Early New Testament Church (NT002 - 5/7)
with Marc Rader and Graeme Dunkley

Enter the world of the earliest church as portrayed in Acts and the Epistles, and how the message of these formative texts still speaks to the church today. 

Church Ministry & Sacraments (TH004-6/7/8)
with Ross Clifford and Matt Andrew

Examine the key Christian doctrines about being the people of God today: who we are and what we are called to do. (Pre/co-requisites: students must have completed, or be completing, one additional unit in CH/TH/PE fields and have completed at least two units of Biblical Studies (BB/OT/NT).) 

Tuesday l 7pm 
Livestream & Face to Face | Padstow Baptist Church

Pastoral Skills and Methods: An Introduction (PC003-6/7/8/C)
with Keith Mitchel                                                                                                                              

Develop important skills in caring for others in practical ways, whether in vocational pastoral ministry, as a lay pastoral carer, or as a servant-leader in your work community.

Wednesday l 6:30 pm
Face to Face l Perth-Vose Campus

With Mike Kok

Wednesday l 6:45 pm
Face to Face & Livestream l Macquarie Park Campus

Former Prophets (OT010/11 - 6/7/8)
With Andrew Sloane

Discover the "history books" of the Old Testament (Joshua - Kings), and work through selected chapters of 1 & 2 Samuel. (Prerequisites: OT001 OT Foundations.) Students wishing to study the text in Hebrew (OT011) have additional tutorials from 5-6pm.

Preaching 1 (PC047-6/7/8)
with Tim MacBride 

Learn introductory skills in preaching, faithfully communicating the content and function of the biblical text to a contemporary audience. (Fieldwork component: for assessment, students will need to arrange an opportunity to preach a sermon in a church setting: e.g. church service, youth group, or home bible study group.)

Thursday l 6:30 pm
Face to Face l Perth-Vose campus

Spiritual Formation for Cross-Cultural Settings
with Lloyd Porter

Thursday l 7pm
Face to Face & Livestream l Macquarie Park campus

New Testament Greek B (LA006 - 6/8)
with Peter Friend

The second half of our NT Greek course, following on from LA005 (taught every semester 1).

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