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Investment That Changes Lives

Thursday 20th June 2024


Morling’s mission is equipping and shaping Christ centred followers to impact the world. This happens one student at a time and every student matters! Andrew came to Morling College with experience serving in youth ministry and a heart for mission. However, his educational experience in the past had not been easy. He says:

‘I was about 34 years old coming back into study. The last time I’d studied in a strong educational context was year 12. It was a really hard year for me. I’d hit a bit of a, you could call it, a depressive episode. Just the pressure of study and different life circumstance had overwhelmed me at the time. Coming back to study was pretty daunting. I had to front the nerves and there was initial worry about keeping up with deadlines.”

Andrew was motivated by a new role as a school chaplain but above all his passion to serve Christ by sharing the message of Jesus and his love. He began study with the units required to be approved as a chaplain but was soon encouraged by his pastor to complete a Diploma in Ministry. His enthusiasm for learning and support from Morling College has seen him overcome his initial fears, complete his Diploma, and now return for a Bachelor’s Degree in Ministry.

Morling’s flexible and supportive model of learning meant Andrew could work as a school chaplain and study at night. Learning became a joy.

“I really loved the night classes. Quite often it was night classes because you’re working until 4 during the day. I loved the great richness of people you come across. 

I loved how the lecturers really invested in relationships, invested in you. We had one class with Tim MacBride that was like a mini revival. Students would sit in all different seats each week. They wouldn’t have their cliques. And I was the daggy older person who wasn’t too embarrassed to ask questions so then it would kick start a conversation.”

What about those nerves about deadlines? Andrew gained support through lecturers to bring him up to speed on writing and referencing and there was support for him as a person to reflect on his experience in year 12. 

So, with a little bit of well-being support it was good to overcome that. I probably fell short of my academic potential before. I wasn’t a Believer then, so I am thankful I didn’t go down a path of say engineering and miss my calling as a chaplain.”

How would he sum up his educational experience. “It’s really redemptive. It’s so so redemptive.” Andrew’s vision is now to seek Baptist accreditation and he has been supported through a matching scholarship. Morling, his school and his local church have partnered with Andrew. The offer of a scholarship was a first for Andrew.

“It was the first time I’d been granted a scholarship for tertiary level study. It’s been really cool because not only has it meant the financial step is less of a hurdle. It broke it down. It was a partnership way to enter study again. You could talk about being safer financially because its less bearing the load fully but also spiritually it meant I had someone in my corner backing me. Almost like that blessing or investment in me. They said we see the positive in you.”

It’s because of a partnership approach that Andrew can respond to the call of pastoral
ministry. Our goal is to raise $50,000 in six months to raise more workers for the harvest. Could you give a tax-deductible gift to our Morling Scholarship fund to support students like Andrew today?  Or chat to us about a matching scholarship for someone in your church?

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