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Morling College Library is now open by appointment.

In compliance with the Australian government's restrictions during the coronavirus pandemic, the Library will be open to enable *pick up of resources and by appointment for browsing the collection during the following hours:

Monday 10am - 4pm
Tuesday 10am - 7:30pm
Wednesday 10am - 7:30pm
Thursday 10am - 7:30pm
Friday 10am - 4pm
Saturday 10am - 2pm

*Please ensure that resources you wish to borrow are reserved 1-2 business days in advance, email notifications will be sent when items are ready for pick up. 

Please return library items in the 24/7 returns chute (outside the MALC building)

The library is located in the new Ministry & Learning Centre, 5 Saunders Close, Macquarie Park NSW 2113.

Library Information

The Gilbert Wright Library is named to commemorate the contribution of the Rev. B Gilbert Wright who was the Vice Principal of the College for fifteen years and the Principal for ten years.

The role of the Library is to serve the students and staff of Morling College as well as Baptist Pastors in New South Wales (NSW) and Australian Capital Territory (ACT).

Our goal is to work closely with our Academic staff to provide a collection of information resources in a variety of formats. We support the study and research taking place at Morling College.

Library Orientation

Orientation sessions for the Library are held in Community Week in Semester One and during MC101 the Academic Writing and Study Skills intensive in Semester 2.

Library Catalogue - Find Out What the Library Holds

All items are listed in the library catalogue. Students can locate, reserve and renew items online.



Membership is available for all students, faculty and staff of Morling College.

Graduates, accredited Baptist Pastors and interested members of the public may apply for a membership, conditions apply.

More information about the library can be found on Moodle or the student handbook.

The Library staff may be contacted in person during opening hours; and enquiries are welcome during these hours.

Library staff may also be contacted by:
email | or
phone | (02) 9878 0201

Library Hours (During Semester):

When the Library is closed, books can be returned via the after-hours Returns Chute. 

Monday 10am to 5pm
Tuesday to Thursday 10am to 10pm
Friday 10am to 5pm
Saturday 10am to 4pm

* During Semester, the Library may open at 8.00am (weekdays) dependent on student volunteers. If there are no volunteers for a particular day then the Library will open at 10.00am.

All public holidays: closed


The Library has around 175 active journal titles. The latest issues are on display on the top level of the Library. The main journal collection is housed in the Journal Room on the same level. All journals are now listed in the catalogue, including over 30 titles that have a URL link to the full-text articles. If passwords are required these can be found on the Moodle Library page, or check with Library staff. For problems locating particular journal titles please see the Library staff.

Databases and Electronic Resources

Databases give access to journal articles by author, title and subject and are important to use when researching and completing assignments. The Library subscribes to several databases in the areas of religion, philosophy, psychology and education. Some of the databases have the full text of the article. Book reviews and essays are also available through some of the databases. The Library currently subscribes to the EBSCOhost database and the PROQUEST database. Links to these databases can be found on the Library website.

The Library also subscribes to an eBook collection that is accessible through the EBSCOhost database and has acquired a growing collection of eBooks accessible through both the EBSCOhost database and the Library catalogue.

There are Library Help Guides available on the Library Database pages and the Moodle Library Resources page. These outline how to access databases online, referencing information, and information about the EBSCO app that can be used on a student's phone or tablet.

CD and DVD Collection

The Library has a growing collection of reference works on CD and DVDs. Some are available for use on the Library's computer terminals; others are available for loan.


Books are borrowed by students on the self-issue computer near the Library Office. The computer will list all books issued and give the date due. Books cannot be borrowed without a Library card (Student Card) or if there are any other overdue items.

Students may borrow up to 12 items. Most can be borrowed for 14 days; however, some items identified as high-use items may be restricted to a 1 week loan period, as marked on the back of the book. These high-use items can only be requested by those living in NSW/ACT.

Some items are not for loan. These include Closed Reserve books, reference books, journals and past exam papers. Please speak to Library staff to further familiarise yourself with Library loan conditions.

Library Catalogue Student Login

Student's login/Username:

Use your Morling Student Number


Use the first letter of your first name and first three letters of your family name (as listed in your student enrolment).

Borrowing for Online Students

(Who live remotely and cannot visit the campus)

Students studying both on-campus and online in the same semester are considered on-campus students for the purpose of Library access and, as such, are expected to be able to borrow books and conduct their own research directly in the Library on campus. Books or journal articles will not be posted to them. Any student wishing to make a case for an exception should contact Library staff.

To request an item to be posted to them students can:

  1. Login to the Library Catalogue here
  2. Search the catalogue and locate the item you wish to borrow
  3. Check the box next to the item
  4. Click on the Reserve button at the top of the screen
  5. The item will appear again; verify this is the item you wish to reserve, and click on the Reserve button again (or the Cancel button if necessary).

These reservations will be checked by Library staff each business day and then posted. Books will not be posted to addresses outside Australia. Overseas students are entitled to ask for photocopying and scanning by Library staff.

Students studying entirely online are automatically set up to have reserved items posted to the recorded postal address. If students do not wish to have items posted to this address they should contact the Library ( before reserving the item/s.

Once a student has reached their maximum loan limit, i.e. 12 items, or has overdue items, they will be required to return the necessary items before more items can be sent.

Requests for Scans

(For Online students who live remotely and cannot visit the campus)

Journal articles or sections of books may be scanned and sent to online students who live outside the Sydney Metro Area by email upon request. Copyright guidelines will apply (see below) and limits on the number of requests at any particular time may apply if demand is too great. Scanning is free. The Librarian retains the right to refuse requests for unreasonable amounts of scanning.

Compliance with the Copyright Act means that:

  • Only one 'copy' of an item may be sent ('copy' here includes a hardcopy, that is, a published book, and a soft or digital copy)
  • Copies can only be provided for private research or study connected with the Unit in which you are enrolled with Morling College
  • A maximum of 10% or one chapter of a book may be copied
  • One article per journal issue only may be copied. More articles may be copied if they deal with the same, narrow, subject area (definition of same subject area is discretionary, and will be decided by Library staff).

Returning Library Items

All students agree to return any material borrowed from the Library without damage or markings and will replace any items lost or damaged. Fines and borrowing suspension may be enforced for overdue material.

Library items must be returned to the Library on or before the due date (if students are posting items they should allow for the postage time). Books can be returned to the return chute at the Library door, or through the after-hours return chute. Items will be returned on the system by Library staff at regular intervals. Students may not be able to return books and borrow again immediately.

Renewing Books

Books may be renewed a maximum of 2 times via the Library catalogue. Books may also be renewed by phone or by email to Overdue or reserved items cannot be renewed.

Reserving an Item

Books which are currently on loan may be reserved via the Library catalogue in the Library or online. When the book becomes available it will be issued to the requesting student, a notification will be sent, and the item will be held on the Reservation Collection desk outside the Library Office for 7 days. One-week loans are held for 3 days. If a student has reached their maximum loan limit, i.e. 12 items, or has overdue items, they will be required to return the necessary items before picking up their reserved item.

Overdue Books

Students receive overdue notices via email. Fines for overdue items accrue on a weekly basis (or more frequently for 7-day loan items). After the fourth week a final notice is sent and the item is considered lost. This incurs a minimum replacement cost of $50 per book plus a $20 (non-refundable) administration fee. No further books can be borrowed whilst items are overdue.

All payments are to be made at the Morling Office. The fine invoice number should be quoted on payment. If outstanding Library fines reach $50, Library borrowing privileges will be revoked. Outstanding fines must be paid to the balance of $25 for borrowing privileges to be reinstated.

Photocopying and Printing

There are two photocopiers in the Library. These are operated by the use of your Student Card.

Scanning from these copiers is available either to email or USB. At present there is no charge for scanning but a Student Card must be used to activate the machine. Printing can be directed to the photocopiers from the Library computers or sent to the photocopier from a personal computer (in the Library or at home) using a Student Card. Print jobs can be released and activated from any of the photocopiers by using the swipe-and-release function and your Student Card. Printing costs are set at 10c per page.

Printing (via Library PC)

At a Library PC, select print and a pop-up dialogue box should appear. Enter your student ID number (as found on your student card). Then go to the printer and swipe your student card at the card reader an release printing as required.

Note: It is not possible to manually enter a card number at the printer.

Printing (via online webprint)

Go to 

If it is the first time, create a PIN.

Print jobs should remain available for 24hrs after sending.

It is a student's responsibility to observe copyright regulations. These are displayed near the photocopiers.