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Meet Hunor

Thursday 13th May 2021

My name is Hunor Kicsi, but I am known as Huna to my friends.

I am currently working in a Nursing home, officially employed as a Physiotherapy Assistant and Recreational Activity Officer, however my role sees me ministering to the residents as more of a Chaplain and Well-Being Officer. The faith of our residents continually humbles me. Many have been through so much pain and suffering yet have such concrete belief in Christ and the power of prayer. In my day to day, I serve the residents, praying with them in groups or individually, ministering and comforting them in their native tongue, Hungarian.

I chose to study at Morling because I felt the calling of God into ministry, but I was wrestling with an internal turmoil which told me that I was not ready yet. Despite this, I withdrew from my original Masters in Physiotherapy, and turned to a field where I would be equipped to serve God more directly. Through His mercy, I was led to enrol in the Master of Counselling course at Morling.

The course has helped me realise the many ways in which God works to bring healing and restoration spiritually, emotionally, and cognitively to individuals in a broken world. It has challenged my predispositions about myself, growing me to be more vulnerable and to experience a real sense of shalom. This is the fruit of both my growing knowledge as a counsellor and my journey in spiritual formation as a follower of Christ.

Morling is continually shaping and preparing me for my future ministry. The course has not only equipped me with theoretical and practical knowledge, but has, throughout my studies, underpinned my learning with a Christian worldview. Something that is of fundamental importance for me.

My studies at the College have been a blessing for my faith, spiritual formation, and education in many ways.

My lecturers through their passionate teaching have humbled me and shown me that in counselling, there are direct and in-direct ways to serve Christ and honour our clients at the same time. Their knowledge about the counselling process, their wisdom about their own clinical experience and their grace as they journey with us, is a true blessing as a student.

God has placed me with a group of ‘students’ who I look up to as individuals, as Christians and as friends. All my peers have a unique and profound story that I have had the privilege to hear, and at the core of all their journeys is the unmistakable power of God working in their lives. Their love towards others, including myself, has shaped my understanding of what it is to truly be a Christian. The fellowship I am a part of with my peers has been such an amazing gift for me as I embark on my journey towards becoming a Christian Counsellor.

Once I complete my course, if it is the will of God, I plan to switch from working with the elderly to working with adolescents, beginning my mission of being Christ’s ‘light’ (Matthew 5:16) for a younger generation.

In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven. Matthew 5:16


Have you been thinking about joining Bible College or applying to study a course in Counselling, Chaplaincy or Education with a Christian perspective? We know this is an important decision. If you would like us to pray for you, please let us know here. God will do the rest! :)  

Written by Hunor Kicsi

Hunor is a student at Morling College.

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