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Meet Nick

Monday 17th May 2021

My name is Nick Costa, and I am studying a Master of Divinity at the Perth Vose Campus of Morling College. It all started with one summer unit in 2019, and I have studied full time ever since.

I live in Bunbury, in the South West of Western Australia, about a two-hour drive away from the Vose Campus. Full time study is only possible for me by taking advantage of Morling’s variety of unit delivery options. I travel to campus one day each week to attend a class, study in the library and socialise with my fellow students. This is hugely valuable, and in many respects, I believe it is integral to success in my studies.

I also enrol in an intensive unit in each mid-semester break and study one unit online each semester. Each delivery mode provides a unique experience, bringing its own strengths and together, enriching my studies overall.

Throughout my studies, I’ve been exposed to a plethora of enlightening writers and ideas, which have deeply enriched my understanding of God – in turn, deepening my faith life and the joy I experience by following Jesus. The course content, as well as the personal and pastoral nature of the interaction with my lecturers – whom area all deeply knowledgeable, personable, and encouraging, has equipped and shaped me for ministry.

Being involved in College life has provided me with a professional network in local Christian churches and as a result I have had many opportunities to preach and lead worship in other churches—which in turn has given me invaluable opportunities to shape and hone my skills as a preacher.

I have also enjoyed worship leading in Chapel and this has deepened my confidence as a spiritual leader. Another major highlight is the relationships I have made with other students—the student room on campus being where the best conversations take place (and which has the fringe-benefit of indelibly improving my ping pong skills)!

My studies, the practical experience the College has provided and the network I’m now connected with, has all led to my recent appointment as an Associate Pastor. My work now involves regular preaching which is enriched and informed by my studies, and it gives me a deep sense of vocation. I literally could not be where I am today without Morling College, and the connection I have had through the Vose Campus.

Have you been thinking about joining Bible College or applying to study a course in Counselling, Chaplaincy or Education with a Christian perspective? We know this is an important decision. If you would like us to pray for you, please let us know here. God will do the rest! :)  

Written by Nick Costa

Nick is a student at Morling College based at the Perth Vose Campus.

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