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Pop Quiz! Do you have the self-awareness you need to become a counsellor?

Wednesday 12th August 2020

Student counsellors spend a lot of time learning to focus on the needs of the client, their feelings, their pain, their journey. And so they should, this is what clients come to counselling for.

Studying counselling at Morling College also emphasises the importance of self-awareness and personal development for students. Self-awareness develops the skills to notice what might be going on inside, either in the thoughts, emotions or within the body. It could be noticing particular behaviours about yourself that are happening in the moment.

A few reasons why developing self-awareness is important include:

  • Self-awareness actually increases awareness of other
  • Self-awareness can help speed up the process of therapy
  • You can’t take clients where you haven’t been yourself

If you’re considering becoming a counsellor, take the quiz to see just how self aware you are!

Answer the following questions with the answer that sits most closely with what you experience, click done once you're finished and then use the scoring guide at the bottom of this post to see what your score might indicate. 

(Disclaimer : This quiz is purely for fun and not researched or means tested at all!)


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If you scored:

10-15 (or less than 51%): You’re pretty self-aware and able to manage stressful situations well! As a counsellor you are likely to remain calm and present under pressure. Well done – keep it up!If you scored:

15-20 (or between 51% - 68%): You’re aware that you might get triggered and change your behaviour in some situations, sometimes finding it hard to manage and regulate. As a counsellor, you may remain calm when anxious, although sometimes the anxiety may take over. Keep evaluating these situations and what may be causing your reactions. It might also be helpful to learn some self-regulation skills.

20-30 (over 68%): You may be aware of your reactions in some stressful situations. You may also become triggered in situations without realising it. As a counsellor, anxiety may take over without realising it. This may be a good opportunity to chat to someone about some of your reactions to understand yourself better and learn some self-regulation tools.

Hope you’ve had some fun doing this quiz and perhaps even learnt something about yourself. Part of the process of development in counselling is always learning more about ourselves. No human is free from feeling stressed or triggered – it’s learning how to manage these in the moment that makes the difference!

If you would like to pursue studies in counselling, you can find all our available courses and information on how to apply here:

Written by Kath Gambell

Kath is an Individual and Relationship Counsellor at the Ezra Clinic, Macquarie Park, as well as an Adjunct Tutor at Morling College.

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