Why on Earth Should We Pray?


Author: Ray Case

Published Date: 2022

ISBN: 9780645492705

Why do people pray? Does it make any difference? What does the Bible reveal about the practice and purpose of prayer? In this informative discussion, RAY CASE presents inspiring new insights about prayer in the Bible. He leads his readers on a tour of the Bible, describing the literary nature of each of its books, with some surprising observations along the way. References to prayer are examined within the context of the theme of each book, discerning prayer's strategic role in the operations of God's pursuit of his will for the world. Case's tour draws attention to God's self-disclosure of his identity, and to his grand scheme of redemption, which is eventually fulfilled by the mission of his kingly covenant partner on earth, Jesus Christ. Case highlights where prayer fits in to the divine unfolding epic drama.Based on disciplined scholarly knowledge, yet expressed clearly in flowing conversational style, Why On Earth Should We Pray? will serve pastors, students, and laypersons alike.


Weight: 706g
Publisher: Morling Press
ISBN: 9780645492705
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