Baptist Identity in the 21st Century


Author: Ken Manley

Published Date: 2016

ISBN: 2147483647

Questions of Baptist identity may be more important than many Baptists realise.

We may live in a ‘post-denominational’ era in the Western world, possibly even a post-Christina era and it is in this context that this book considers the nature of Baptist identity. What does it mean in the 21st century to be a ‘Baptist’ community? What aspects from Baptist history will shape Baptist churches in their present time and place, and what might be carried forward into the future?

These are the issues that have inspired this collection of essays by scholars and thinkers from around the world, offered to honour Australia’s foremost historian of the Baptist movement, Rev. Dr Ken Manley.

As a scholar, pastor, preacher and teacher, Ken Manley invited others into his learning do that they too might be stimulated, encouraged and guided by the lessons he has derived from his study of history – to offer a vision of Baptist Identity into the future. Baptist Idneitity into the 21st century contains a detailed biography of Ken Manley, plus 20 essays covering 8 themes, including:

Baptist Identity – Brain Haymes
Lessons from history – John H.Y. Briggs
Reading the Bible – Mark Brett
Preaching – Graeme Garrett
Baptist on the world stage – Neville Callam
Theological education- Paul S. Fiddles, Thorwald Lorenzen
Mission in the Australian context – Ross Clifford, Tim Costello


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ISBN: 2147483647
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