Catching the Wave


Author: Rev Dr Tim MacBride

Published Date: 2016

ISBN: 978-1-78-359-436-8

Preaching the New Testament as Rhetoric

How can preachers make sermons not only say but do?

In the case of the New Testament epistles, this questions can be answered by using the tools of rhetorical criticism – that is, understanding how the epistles function as written speeches that follow the rules of the ancient handbooks on rhetoric.

Tim MacBride shows new and seasoned preachers alike how to harness the rhetorical power inherent in the New Testament test, so that they can ‘catch the wave’ rahter than swim against the current.

Catching the Wave explains the concepts and introduces rhetorical jargon in an informal and practical way. MacBride includes extensive examples, summary tables and sample full-text sermons, as well as short exercises at the end of each new chapter to enable readers to practise their new skills.

This lively volume will be of value and interest not only to preachers but also to all who wish to read the New Testament and apply its teaching today.


Dimensions: 216mm x 17mm x 140mm
Publisher: InterVarsity Press
SKU: 978-1-78-359-436-8
ISBN: 978-1-78-359-436-8
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