The European Reformations


Author: Carter Lindberg

Published Date: 19 June 2009

ISBN: 978-1405180672

Combining seamless synthesis of original material with updated scholarship, The European Reformations 2nd edition, provides the most comprehensive and engaging textbook available on the origins and impacts of Europe's Reformations - and the consequences that continue to resonate today.
A fully revised and comprehensive edition of this popular introduction to the Reformations of the sixteenth century.

Includes new sections on the Catholic Reformation, the Counter Reformation, the role of women, and the Reformation in Britain.

Sets the origins of the movements in the context of late medieval social, economic and religious crises, carefully tracing its trajectories through the different religious groups. Succeeds in weaving together religion, politics, social forces, and the influential personalities of the time, in to one compelling story. Provides a variety of supplementary materials, including end-of-chapter suggestions for further reading, along with maps, illustrations, a glossary, and chronologies.

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Dimensions: 170mm x 22mm x 241mm
Publisher: Wiley-Blackwell
ISBN: 978-1405180672
Image of The European Reformations