In Jesus' Name


Author: Rev. Dr Brian Powell

Published Date: 2012

ISBN: 0980642179

Brian Powell has been a lecturer at Morling College since 1983, lecturing initially in Theology and from 1992 in New Testament. Brian has led a service of prayer for healing at Epping Baptist Church since 2004. In this book he seeks to evaluate approaches to healing and deliverance ministries on the basis of the Bible, especially the New Testament. In Section One he considers the question of precedent. Should we expect to do what Jesus did? Or what his earliest followers did? In Section Two he focuses on healing ministries, considering such issues as gifts of healings, words of knowledge and those who are not physically healed. In Section Three he turns to deliverance and the demonic realm, considering whether ministries involving the driving out of demons are appropriate today and what they should look like if they are.

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SKU: 0980642179
ISBN: 0980642179
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