Riding the Rollercoaster


Author: Philip Johnson, Rev Dr Ross Clifford (AM)

Published Date: 1998

ISBN: 0958686661

How the Risen Christ Empowers Life. These days, politicians and stockbrokers, movie stars and ordinary people all talk about life as a rollercoaster. We go up and down, high and low in thie exhilarating ride we call life. As we hurtle along, it’s not surprising we feel the need for some balance, power and meaning. The resurrection of Jesus connects deeply with this daily quest. In this book we rediscover some forgotten truths about how Jesus’ resurrection enables us to take the ride. It shows us what the resurrection means and guarantees for living each day such as personal significance and forgiveness, values for living, hopes for individuals and society, as well as strength for running on empty. It reveals how, through the risen Jesus, we will soar forever.


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Dimensions: 220mm x 140mm x 14mm
Publisher: Strand Publishing Co
SKU: 0958686661
ISBN: 0958686661
Image of Riding the Rollercoaster