Safe Church


Author: Shane J Hanley

Published Date: 2016


A Theological and practical reflection on the impact of the National WHS Act 2011 on Baptist Churches in NSW.

Australia has developed into a very safety conscious society. In 2011, the Commonwealth Government introduced a national framework that harmonised Work Health and Safety (WHS) laws that were doped by the New South Wales Government in 2012. The new WHS Act changed the legal status of churches in this country. Safe Church examines the theological and practical impact of compliance to the WHS act in Baptist Churches in NSW.

Through the critical analysis of primary documents and secondary sources, Safe Church explains the extent of the impact the WHS Act has on NSW Baptist churches in order to assist them to prepare an appropriate response. The book examines and explains key regulatory issues and how they relate to Baptist  churches.

Shane Hanley examines the theology of WHS and compliance, the church as a workplace and the employment status of paid ministers. The book examines practical ministry issues that would improve the success of WHS in Baptist Churches.

Safe Church offers a number of recommendations for various levels within Baptist churches of NSW. These include policy considerations for the denomination, training and education options, the introduction of theological conversation regarding issues caused by WHS, as well as implementation of safety management systems for local churches.

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