Salt, Light and a City (2nd Ed)


Author: Rev Dr Graham Hill

Published Date: 2017

ISBN: 9781532603228

Ecclesiology for the Global Missional Community
Volume 1: Western Voices

Graham Hill’s pioneering classic remains the seminal work on missional ecclesiology. The bestselling first edition redefined theology for the missional church. Hill builds biblical foundations in conversation with major theologians, including Sarah Coackley, John Zizioulas, Stanley Hauerwas, Miroslav Volf, and Jurgen Moltmann. In this major update, he offers new insights and provides fresh examples of missional churches. In the first edition, Hill interacted with twelve major theologians to build a missional ecclesiology. In this thoroughly updated edition, he interacts with sixteen major theologians from the Western World. This edition includes five new chapters and an expanded treatment on the key convictions on global missional theology. It also offers a new study guide that has been uploaded on an innovative website linked to this book. This expanded edition now becomes Volume 1 in a series on missional ecclesiology. In Volume 2, Hill will turn out attention to voices from the Majority World.

Known for this groundbreaking approach to theology – theology for the global missional community – Hill shows how God is releasing his global church to mission, across all cultures and Christian traditions. This extensive update to Hill’s influential work offers pioneering theology and practices that will continue to shape the global missional church for generations.


Graham Hill teaches applied theology at Morling College in Sydney, Australia, where he is also the Provost. A former church planter and pastor, he is a Senior Lecturer at the University of Divinity and the Australian College of Theology. He is also the author of Global Church: Reshaping Our Conversations, Renewing Our Mission, Revitalising Our Churches.

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ISBN: 9781532603228
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