Silas Mead and His Baptist Family


Author: Edited by Rosalind M Gooden, Ken R Manley, Stefanie C Pearce

Published Date: June 2023

ISBN: 978-0-6454927-2-9

In 1861, a young and energetic minister, Rev Silas Mead, arrived in Adelaide to lead the Baptists in the new colony of South Australia. He was to become a 'giant' of the Australian Baptist story. His vision was innovative and egalitarian, deeply missional, compassionate and organisationally astute. Traces of his influence can still be seen in the churches and organisations he initiated and inspired, throughout Australia and overseas.

In 2020, a team of Baptist historians was granted access to rare family archives and have now brought Mead's little-known story to life in this richly illustrated volume.

Widowed early, Mead had strong and loving bonds with his children until the end of his life. In an unusual approach, the writers have followed Mead's children and grandchildren as each revealed Mead's influence on their life paths. His great-grandson has also contributed a family reflection.


Publisher: Morling Press
ISBN: 978-0-6454927-2-9
Image of Silas Mead and His Baptist Family