Student Card Services

Student cards are provided by the Administration Office. This card serves as your student identification card, library borrowing card, photocopy card, transport concession card (if applicable) and can be used for other payments such as meals. If a photo has been provided upon enrolment, student cards will be issued during Orientation Week, or one week after a photo has been provided.

The initial card is free but $20 will be charged for replacement cards.


1. On-Campus

At a library PC, type in your student number when prompted by the print screen.

Note: You will not be able to swipe your card.

2. Off-Campus

From your own PC or laptop, follow this link:

You may release your job using your student card on any Library photocopier on-campus within 24hrs of sending the job.

Adding Money To Your Account

From a library computer, your own PC or laptop, follow this link:

You may add money to your student account online with this facility.

Organise your Student Card

Contact us here to organise your student card


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