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At Morling, our mission is to equip men and women with the knowledge that they need to serve God in many different roles: pastoral ministry, in the work place, Christian education, missions work, counselling, and chaplaincy. We also recognise that it is often difficult to stop working in order to pursue further study. In order to accommodate students who cannot attend weekly lectures, Morling has established a flexible program by offering units across the summer and winter breaks, as well as intensive units throughout semester, and a suite of online units. 



A standard full-time load comprises an enrolment of 16 credit points (normally four Units) per semester, but 12 credit points is also considered full-time. In addition to enrolled Units, as a full-time on-campus student you will be required to participate in a Transformational Discipleship Group, weekly chapel services, prayer triplets, mentoring, church visits, Orientation week activities, as well as a Partnership Mission and/or a Missions Conference. If you would like to study fulltime with us, please download and complete a full-time application form from our website. You will then proceed through the full-time application process, which includes an in-person interview for local students, or a phone interview for those unable to be on campus.


A part-time load consists of a maximum enrolment of 8 credit points (normally two Units) per semester. If you would like to study part-time with us, please download and complete a part-time application form, these are available on our website.


On-campus lectures are held mornings, afternoons, and evenings (6.45pm-9.30pm) during the semester. Students can study either part-time or full-time and may combine on campus study with online study throughout their course.

However, each individual Unit must be taken as either fully on-campus or fully online.


Our online Units allow you to study from the convenience of your own home, anywhere in the world. Online Unit codes are denoted with a "D". Please ensure that you place the "D" after your Unit code in all correspondence, as lecturers and assignments may differ from on-campus study Units.

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Morling College offers Study Tours to Greece and Turkey (even years) and Israel and Jordan (odd years) in January. A Study Tour is an unparalleled learning experience as you are immersed in the place and space in which key biblical events occurred. The tours are, administratively, Semester 2 units in the year prior to the trip, with pre-reading done before the tour commences, and assessment to be completed after the tour (by early Semester 1). Fee-Help is available for a significant portion of the cost of the unit for eligible students.


These fully online units are designed to be studied over 10 weeks of coursework, and through the completion of assessment tasks, over the Summer break (27 November 2017 to 8 February 2018). This accelerated delivery mode is the perfect way to fit in an extra unit, or get a head start on your studies for the following year.

2018 Program


Much like Intensives, Semi-intensives are a great way of completing your in-class requirements in a short space of time. These are four-to-five full-day blocks of study spread throughout the semester. Please speak with your course advisor to find out if your course has any limits on the number of Semi-intensives you may complete. Semi-intensive Units are denoted with an "i". Please ensure that you place the "i" after your Unit code in all correspondence, as the lecturers and assignments may differ to on-campus study Units.


These blended intensive units give students the opportunity to complete some components of the unit online, as well as attending a three-day on-campus intensive. Our blended delivery mode is well-suited to online students who would love the chance to share in the on-campus experience, and it’s an excellent way for any student to flexibly fit another unit into their busy schedules.

2018 Program


Our intensive units run on campus for a one-week block during Summer (in the weeks before Semester 1) and Winter (in the weeks between Semester 1 and Semester 2), and are taught by Morling lecturers and guest lecturers who are internationally recognised and acclaimed specialists in their field. Intensive units are a great way to complete all of your in-class requirements in a short period of time.  (Please check with your Course Adviser whether your award has any limits on the number of intensives you are allowed to complete). Intensives are also a great opportunity for online students who would like to experience on-campus classes.

2018 Program



Morling College continues to lead the way in flexibly learning opportunities whether it be at our main Campus in Macquarie Park, or through our extensive online study options. From 2018, Morling College is running a Southern Sydney Campus.

Over a four-year cycle, students can complete the 8 units of a standard Diploma or Graduate Diploma. Both of these awards can subsequently be converted into a full degree or master’s award on the main campus or online. Both awards are eligible for the Australian Government’s FEE-HELP programme.

Where: Padstow Baptist Church
This location is 300m from Padstow railway station and bus interchange, and 2 minutes from the M5; there are a variety of food options nearby meaning you can grab dinner on the way!

When: Tuesday, 7pm – 9pm (During Semester Time)

Why did we start a Southern Sydney Learning Hub?

It is increasingly difficult to move around Sydney during peak times so Morling College wanted to give those living in the South (Sutherland Shire, St George, Canterbury, Bankstown, Campbelltown areas) a part-time study option that is much more conveniently located.


What are we offering in 2019?

In Semester 1, 2019, student will enrol in OT301/501, Old Testament Foundations at Morling College, and attend lectures at the Southern Sydney Campus. Students can then continue with their studies in Semester 2, 2019 by enrolling in OT302/502, Old Testament Prophets and Writings. Both units will be presented by Marc Rader.

How: Enrol in OT301 (diploma/degree level) or OT501 (graduate leve) for Semester 1 and OT302 or 502 for Semester 2 at Morling College (as an audit, degree or graduate student) and join the Southern Sydney Campus for tutoring and additional input from Morling College Faculty.

Who is Marc Rader?

Marc Rader is the senior pastor at Gymea Baptist Church and is a part time faculty members of Morling College. Marc is passionate about teaching the Old Testament. He points out that, although Christians understand the impact of the Old Testament to our understanding of Jesus and the Christian faith, for many, the Old Testament remains pretty much a closed book due to its complexity and difficult passages. Marc hopes that these foundation subjects will give students the tools to unlock the Old Testament and inspire a deep and profound love of these texts that will drive a life time of learning. See more of what Marc has to say about the Old Testament here.

Any Questions? For more information contact us.


Since 1995, morling has been the premier provider of bible, ministry, and theology distance courses: with almost 500 students currently studying online, morling is the leading, and the largest, online theology program in australia.





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