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Carolyn Fiander reflects on her experience of studying Master of Counselling at Morling College

Monday 7th December 2020

I believe people are a great litmus test of a place and a culture. Having known people involved in the Counselling course at Morling, I found myself wanting to know more about what they knew, recognising that there was something about them as both people and believers that I was interested in. The same people encouraged me to look into the Master of Counselling course at Morling College, aware that I was contemplating following through on my long-held dream to be a counsellor. So, I attended an open night at the college and I remember experiencing a sense of community that was warm and welcoming as I met lecturers and students. This gave me a sense that, as I was returning to study after 20 years, I would be in good hands in this place.

Now, in my 5th year of part-time study, I am nearing the end of my practicum at Bridges Counselling and the completion of my Master of Counselling at Morling College. I have studied at a pace that has worked for me, and I have found myself saying to a lot of people that when studying counselling, “everything is personal”. 

My last 5 years have been a time of transformational growth, which I believe have benefited not only myself, but also my family and those I find myself in relationship with. In some ways, it has been like having a veil removed; a veil which prevented me from knowing myself and others in an authentic, non-defensive way. My sense of who I am is now less dependent on what other people think, how they respond to me or reacting from my own story. Instead, my sense of self is more informed by a lens of acceptance, not only from God, but also from myself.

I have gained some excellent teaching around best practice and recent research in the field of counselling through my academic learning at Morling. The additional opportunity to process that learning on a personal level has added another deeper dimension to my learning. It may sound cliché, but my life has been changed for the better, forever. 

It is my hope that the warmth, welcome, acceptance and freedom that I have experienced at Morling College, a sense that some might describe as the “aroma of Christ”, might also be experienced by my clients in my counselling room. That in the safe space, they might be able to ask for help, explore who they are in relationship with themselves, others and God, and perhaps, like me, receive a gift through the process.

If you are considering studying counselling, I encourage you to take the step to study at Morling College, where I believe you will not only gain excellent training, but you will also have an opportunity to perhaps meet for the first time, your true, accepted self.

Ask, and be blessed,


Written by Kath Gambell

Kath is an Individual and Relationship Counsellor at the Ezra Clinic, Macquarie Park, as well as an Adjunct Tutor at Morling College.

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