CH008 - The Continental Reformation

In this unit, we’ll go beyond Reformation slogans to examine the context in which the Magisterial, Radical and Catholic Reformers emerged and the impact they had on church and society. Of course we’ll spend time with Luther, Calvin and Zwingli, but we’ll also learn about Anabaptist leaders like Menno Simons and Reformation women like Argula von Grumbach, Katharina Zell and Teresa of Avila.

Pre/Co-requisite Units: 

CH008-712 co-requisite: 96cps of study, including 36 cps at AQF level 6

Unit Exclusions: 

Prior to 2020, this unit content was delivered under the unit code CH421/CH621
Unit Exclusions: CH010

Full Course Unit Descriptor:

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