NT041 - Interpreting & Applying Ephesians

Paul’s letter to the Ephesians was written to strengthen believers by reinforcing and reminding them of their shared identity in Christ, the story of God’s salvation that establishes it, and the way of life in which it is to find expression. The letter’s central message is, therefore, a deeply relevant one for Christians today, who live within a context in which questions of personal and social identity are frequently contested and Christians are awakening to their place as a minority group within the wider culture. In this unit, students explore the rhetoric and theology of Ephesians in relation to the central purpose of the letter and within its historical-cultural context. They also reflect on the implications of Ephesians for questions of Christian identity and ethics in our own time, so that they will be better equipped to teach the message of Ephesians to others and apply it to the challenges that face the church within our own cultural context.

Pre/Co-requisite Units: 

Pre-Requisites (all levels): 24 credit points NT
Pre-Requisites (level 9): as above plus 48 credit points Level 8

Unit Exclusions: 

Prior to 2020, this unit content was delivered under the unit code NT705-4/6

Full Course Unit Descriptor:

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