PC047 - Preaching 1

This unit teaches introductory skills in preaching, focusing on faithfully communicating the content and function of the biblical text to a contemporary audience. In the first half of the unit, a foundational model for preaching is taught: discerning the theological focus of the biblical text, mapping the flow of the sermon, and filling out each scene in the sermon with explanation, illustration, and application. The second half looks at aspects of sermon delivery, as well as topical and evangelistic preaching.

Note that there is a fieldwork component for this unit: for assessment, students will need to arrange an opportunity to preach ONE expository sermon in a church setting: ideally in a church service, but it can also be in e.g. a youth group, or home bible study group. Online students will need to arrange TWO such opportunities, whereas on campus students will preach their second sermon in class during the semester.

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Unit Exclusions: 

Prior to 2020, this unit content was delivered under the unit code PC247/447/647.
Unit exclusions (level 5 only): PC012

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