PE018 - Putting Faith to Work

Work occupies a lot of our time and energy. Through work we feed ourselves and those who depend on us, exercise our God-given gifts, and contribute to the wellbeing of the communities we live in.

But how do we integrate all of that with our Christian faith?

That’s what we’ll be exploring together in PE018. You will gain insights into how the Scriptures illuminate our understanding of work, as well as how reflecting on work enriches our understanding of the Scriptures. We will explore some of the issues we face as workers in our late modern economies, and you will gain fresh insights into them in light of our faith. In short, you will be challenged to think about how the faith you celebrate on Sunday can be put to work on Monday.

Pre/Co-requisite Units: 

Pre-requisites (all levels): 12 credit points TH/CH/PE
Pre-requisites (level 9): the above, plus 48 credit points level 8

Unit Exclusions: 

Prior to 2020, this unit content was delivered under the unit code PE709-4/6

Full Course Unit Descriptor:

For the full Course Unit Descriptor, please see the Australian College of Theology website